You now have a place to showcase your talent on LA Shorts TV. We want to help you create your own online show. We will help customize your show and make it successful.

To be considered:

  • Mail us your short film or video clip with a brief show description. After review we will contact you ASAP and let you know you have been approved for LA Shorts TV

  • The shorts that you submit can be of any length- we are not necessarily looking for a finish product (although that would be ideal) but ideas that can be developed into an online show.

  • Each episode should be about 3 minutes in length although we will consider ideas for shows shorter and longer then 3 minutes.

  • You can also email us your show description and a link to view your film or video clip.

  • Anything goes. Let your imagination run wild and have fun.

Send materials to:
LA Shorts TV
1610 Argyle Ave. #113
Hollywood, CA 90028

Subject: LA Shorts TV

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