James Franco: Actor
Cast: Spider-Man 1-3, Flyboys, Deuces Wild and City by the Sea, Freaks and Greeks, Tristan + Isolde

Tia Carrere: Actress
Cast: Wayne’s World, True Lies, Kul the Conqueror, Rising Sun, 20 Dates, High School High, Jury Duty

Tom Quinn: Head of Acquisitions at Magnolia Pictures
Magnolia Pictures is the theatrical and home entertainment distribution arm specializing in a unique and eclectic slate of films. Magnolia’s releases have included Academy Award nominated documentaries and the 2006 Oscar Nominated Shorts.

Jonathan Sehring: President of IFC Entertainment
As president of IFC Entertainment, Jonathan Sehring is responsible for the day-to day operations of Rainbow Media's film distribution, production and exhibition division, which includes the IFC Center, IFC Films, IFC First Take/IFC In Theaters and IFC Productions. One of the most well respected film executives in New York, Mr. Sehring is considered a maverick among his peers for bringing independent films to audiences.

Kim Adelman: Short film columnist for indieWIRE
She is also the author of The Ultimate Filmmaker's Guide to Short Films. Ms. Adelman currently teaches Making and Marketing the Short Film at UCLA Extension and has conducted short filmmaking workshops throughout the United States, Canada, New Zealand.

Kelly Cavill: Story Editor for New Line Cinema
New Line Cinema is the oldest and most successful fully integrated independent film company in the world. In addition to the production and distribution of the theatrical motion pictures, it has divisions devoted to home entertainment, television, music, theater, licensing, merchandising, and international marketing and distribution. New Line has been a pioneer in franchise filmmaking and its Lord of the Rings trilogy is the most successful film franchise in history.

Steve Scheffer: Former President at HBO; Current Partner for Comic Book Movies
Comic Book Movie is a fansite portal reporting news and information about current Hollywood projects that bring comic characters to the big screen. Comic Book Movie brings breaking news about movies adapted from comic books and graphic novels featuring Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Batman, Superman, Ghost Rider, Hulk, and more.

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