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LA Shorts Fest is in the process of launching a new global digital distribution initiative to filmmakers and content creators. This initiative was conceived and introduced in August of 2008 and has been slowly evolving to include a wide range of short films in multiple genres from multiple countries and cultures. With the continued growth in participation from filmmakers and content producers, we have seen increased interest from online and mobile distributors globally.  

This initiative provides an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your film to a global audience.

The benefits that we provide include:

1.    Generate incremental revenue through online distribution; 50% Net Revenues
2.    Non-exclusive non-binding agreement
3.    Centralized film submission to online and mobile film distributors
4.    Consolidated reporting and revenue statements
LA Shorts Fest is one of the most widely recognized and accredited short film festivals in the industry.  Take advantage of our reputation by submitting your film to the Digital Distribution Project. 
Acquisition Enquiries
If you are a filmmaker or content producer and have questions, please contact Nina Spensley

Distribution Enquiries
If you are a distributor interested in licensing the LA Shorts Fest catalogue, please contact Michael Troxler

Leadership Team

Nina Spensley - Acquisitions
Nina Spensley is a media consultant and independent film producer. She was the project manager of the 2007 Sundance Film Festival Global Short Film Project, an international collaboration that featured short films created specifically for viewing on mobile devices worldwide.
Michael Troxler - Distribution
Michael Troxler is a veteran digital distribution professional with over 13 years experience in the global acquisition and distribution of digital media. His experience spans multiple sectors to include producers/rights owners, content aggregators, distributors and platform solution vendors.

If you would like us to consider your film or project for digital distribution, please send 2 DVD copies.
Mail to:
LA Shorts Fest
1610 Argyle Ave #113
Hollywood, CA 90028


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