LA Shorts Fest

SUNDAY - JULY 26 - 3:15 PM

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Cisco: Survive

Commercial / United States / 1 min.

With new ways to communicate and collaborate, these business executives find a new ways to celebrate.

Director: Brett Simon
Writer: Graham Simon

Art Director: Stephanie Arculli
Bankrupt By Beanies

Documentary / USA / 9 min.

Family members reminisce about a dark period of their collective history: when beanie babies took over their lives.

Director: Chris Robinson
Producer: Chris Robinson
Writer: Chris Robinson
She’s a Fox

Comedy / USA / 18 min.

It's 1987 and sixth grader, Cameron, wants desperately to make Talia his girlfriend. Three things stand in his way: Mitch Fallin, Jake Magnum, and a mullet.

Director: Cameron Sawyer
Producer: Ashley Zastrow
Writer: Cameron Sawyer
The Collector

Drama / USA / 7 min.

In the last hours of his life, a dying man realizes that the only things worth collecting are uncollectible.

Director: Paula Froehle, Benjamin Brammeier
Producer: Amy Rising
Writer: Paula Froehle
A Wagon Full of Mischief

Action/Adventure / USA / 5 min.

A celebration of all the good childhood memories of bad behavior. Six boys in their mission to fight summer boredom with a wagon full of fireworks, frogs, water balloons, and stolen Barbie dolls.

Director: Joshua Martin
Producer: J. Michael Martin, Jacob Geller
Writer: Joshua Martin
Clones Gone Wild

Comedy / USA / 18 min.

Ben's clone is everything Ben wishes he could be: wealthy, witty, and irresistible to the ladies.

Director: Harry Frishberg
Producer: Chad Mathews, Gary Weeks
Writer: Chad Mathews, Gary Weeks
My New Toy

Comedy / Australia / 5 min.

The middle class facade of the perfect family is put to the ultimate challenge.

Director: Anton Beebe
Producer: Nicole Crozier
Writer: William Howarth
Love Does Grow on Trees

Comedy / United Kingdom / 10 min.

A teenage boy’s life is thrown into chaos when he discovers porn magazines, girls, and the embarrassment that goes with both.


Drama / USA / 14 min.

When an aspiring ballet student is annoyed by her little brother, she enlists a friend to help her take revenge.

Director: Mary Bing
Producer: Don Rosenfeld
Writer: Mary Bing
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