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Higher Education

Animation / Canada / 5 min.

A nasty teacher is sent to the afterlife where her prior actions may determine the fate of her immortal soul.

Director: Amber Holowaychuk, Perpetual Pictures
Producer: Tony Tarantini
Writer: Hernando Bahamon

Drama / USA / 28 min.

The dark fable of two men and the night their two lives intertwined. With a single gunshot their lives changed forever.

Director: Tony West
Producer: Chris Rice, Mark Riley
Writer: David Rogers
Charlie Thistle

Drama / USA / 14 min.

A disillusioned worker for the Department of Normality dreams of a world that isn't quite so normal

Director: Bragi Schut
Producer: Kirsten Wagner, Esther Goodstein
Writer: Bragi Schut
Period Portrait

Comedy / USA / 14 min.

Scarlet got her first period. Vera realized she is pregnant. Jane is entering menopause. All in the feminine hygiene aisle of the supermarket.

Director: Nitzan Mager
Producer: Shachar Langlev, Nitzan Mager
Writer: Nitzan Mager
Hungry For Love

Comedy / USA / 17 min.

Unable to curb her late night cravings a 72-year-old widow seeks the help of a hypnotherapist and unearths a startling secret from her past that might change more than just her snacking habits.

Director: Ruckus Skye
Producer: Ruckus Skye, Lane Skye
Writer: Lane Skye
Free Jolito

Comedy / Mexico / 10 min.

Jolito, a giant bean, pursues opportunity in America until he suffers an identity crisis while being exposed to the temptations of the American dream.

Director: Marcos Bucay
Producer: Moy Aisemberg, Diego Cohen
Writer: Marcos Bucay, Moy Aisemberg
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