LA Shorts Fest

    Opening Night Film Program  
Four Play
Comedy / USA / 2 min.

A young girl portraying four different aliases; the dreamer, the paramour, the expressionist, and the voyeur appears primping, dancing, spying and lounging in various stages of dress and undress at the Soho Grand Hotel. The short revolves around the designer’s pleated leather Eldridge bag.

Director: Jake Summer
Producer: Donna Karan New York
Cast: Christina Ricci

Quality Time
Comedy / USA / 9 min.

Tired of running on the "get-the-kids-to-school" treadmill, a father of three decides it’s time for change, but it ends in unfortunate results.

Director: James Redford
Producer: James Redford, Claudine magre
Writer: James Redford
Cast: Jason Patric, Lena Redford

Kidnapping Caitlynn
Comedy / USA / 10 min.

A dark comedy about accidently kidnapping your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend.

Director: Kat Coiro
Producer: Lauren Bratman, Kat Coiro
Writer: Jenny Mollen Kat Coiro
Cast: Jenny Mollen, Jason Biggs, Julie Benz, Rhys Coiro

Comedy / USA / 4 min.

A dive bar in Los Angeles. The bartender and a regular hit it off. The doors open and in walk the two most beautiful women in the world. They open their mouths and bizarre hilarity ensues.

Director: Kat Coiro
Writer: Kat Coiro
Cast: Zoe Saldana, Kate Bosworth, Janaene Garofalo

Philips will premiere its new global campaign “Parallel Lines” 5 short films - a collaboration with Ridley Scott Associates (RSA). The series includes Carl Erik Rinsch's ‘The Gift’ which has spawned a bidding war between several Hollywood movie studios to turn the short into a feature film. Each of the five films are very different all created using the same piece of dialogue.

Jun and the Hidden Skies
Parallel Lines - RSA
Animation / United Kingdom / 3 min.

Jun and the Hidden Skies transports us into the playful imagination of siblings Jun and Aco.

Director: Hi Sim
Producer: Caspar Delaney
Writer: Hi Sim

Parallel Lines - RSA
Suspense/Thriller / United Kingdom / 4 min.

Set in a retro future Shanghai, DarkRoom opens on a covert surveillance operative as he searches for his criminal quarry. We are led on a voyeuristic journey with dramatic consequences.

Director: Johnny Hardstaff
Producer: Caspar Delaney, Kai-Lu Hsiung
Writer: Johnny Hardstaff
Cast: Olina Svenaeus , Stel Petrou , Fenfen

The Hunt
Parallel Lines - RSA
Suspense/Thriller / United Kingdom / 3 min.

The Hunt follows two men on a trail to find the ultimate prey.

Director: Jake Scott
Producer: Ben Link, Caspar Delaney
Writer: Jake Scott
Cast: Vincent Laurentis, Luke Coffee

The Gift
Parallel Lines - RSA
Sci-Fi / United Kingdom / 5 min.

The Gift introduces us to a dystopian future. It’s a winter’s day in Moscow, but the familiar landscape is not all it seems.

Director: Carl Erik Rinsch
Producer: Margo Mars, Caspar Delaney
Writer: Carl Erik Rinsch
Cast: Uday Chandra, Rishabh Sharma, Herbie

El Secreto de Mateo
Parallel Lines - RSA
Drama / United Kingdom / 4 min.

Set in the underprivileged tower blocks of South America, a boy shows a young girl to a room with a secret.

Director: Greg Fay
Producer: Caspar Delaney, Kai-Lu Hsiung
Writer: Greg Fay
Cast: Maximiliano Balzami. Magdalena Alvez

Documentary / USA / 33 min.

A film that interviews 76 high school seniors on prom night. These interviews were conducted in 12 high schools across the United States between 2006-2009

Director: Martin Bell
Producer: Martin Bell, Mary Ellen Mark
Writer: Martin Bell, Mary Ellen Mark

Reception following program serving Stella Artois and IZZE
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