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FRIDAY - JULY 23 - 3:15 pm

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Drama / USA / 15 min.

Jacob is a story about a boy who struggles to hold onto the religious ideals he has been taught after experiencing a traumatic event. When those around him do not have the answers he needs, Jacob discovers a deep understanding with an unlikely friend and a source of strength.

Director: Brian Crawford
Producer: Natalie Cake
Writer: Brian Crawford
Cast: Matthew Falsetta, Megan Corry

Animation / India / 4 min.

A man is in search of a shelter in heavy rain. He finds protection under a tree. The need for more comfort leads him to carve a space within the tree trunk. His family grows with a wife and children, as also the needs for more luxury.

Director: Raghu Gopalan
Producer: Raghu Gopalan
Writer: Raghu Gopalan
Cast: Alice Hubball, Laurent Bonnet
The Room I: The Chosen

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 19 min.

Four people are locked in four different rooms. They must answer The Room's questions truthfully if they want to get out. The Room knows all and leads them to a touchy subject that soon reveals their dirty little secrets.

Director: Anais Godard
Producer: Lauren Spagnoletti
Writer: Anais Godard, Brad Standley
Cast: Sarah Robson

Drama / Spain / 12 min.

We all have secrets. We all have family. We all search for happiness. What if we share our secrets and search together for happiness?

Director: David Moreno
Producer: Raquel Pedreira
Writer: David Moreno
Cast: Juanma Lara, Antonio Naharro
The Farm

Action/Adventure / USA / 12 min.

Is it greed or ignorance that makes a man lust for land? Set during the Great Depression, this riveting drama draws parallels to todays housing crisis and dares you to ask the question, who is really at fault?

Director: Jon Hill
Producer: Justin Scot, Jon Hill
Writer: Justin Scot
Cast: Garrett M. Brown, Dave Matos
El Tio Facundo

Foreign / Cuban/Mexican / 29 min.

Something happened during the summer of 1952 that shattered my hopes of ever having a normal life; my uncle Facundo showed up. We started having a ball and he made our lives fun again but the town became a disaster. How do we get rid of him?

Director: Alejandro Cachoua
Producer: Asori Soto, Alejandro Cachoua
Writer: Alejandro Cachoua
Cast: Rafael Lahera, Jorge Ali
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