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TUESDAY - JULY 26 - 1:00 PM

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Museum For the People

Documentary / Argentina / 5 min.

A collective of street artists in Buenos Aires share their beliefs and their approaches to their art.

Director: Jeffrey DeChausse
Producer: Maeliosa Tiernan
Writer: Manino Mendez

Documentary / USA / 14 min.

John Benet, an American advertising producer, travels to China to make a TV commercial. A funny and sobering glimpse into the advertising world as John contemplates the effects advertising has had on his personal life, and on the culture of China and its Capitalist Revolution.

Director: Doug Nichol
Producer: John Benet, Doug Nichol
Writer: John Benet
Cast: John Benet, Joe Zizzo
Cisco: Surprise

Commercial / USA / 1 min.

A family surprises Grandma on her birthday via the magic of video, but Grandma is the one with the real trick up her sleeve.

Director: Christian Loubek, Raul Montes
Producer: Julie Salik, Kay Lynn Dutcher
Writer: Janet Higdon
Cast: Anabel Winitsky, Hong Kong Talent

Drama / USA / 26 min.

Two secretaries submerge themselves in a dangerous role playing game to escape their miserable jobs, but when their downward spiral turns deadly, they must find a way to stop the game before it destroys them both.

Director: Jim Hanks
Producer: Chris Desmond, Michael Preston
Writer: Chris Desmond
Cast: Carlita Penaherrera, Jessica Manuel

Drama / USA / 14 min.

"Needs." A portrait of contemporary American life. Ordinary people struggling, in order to simply survive and continue on. Captured through the perspective of one man‘s realization of the importance of human connection and his own family.

Director: Maria Biber-Ferro
Producer: Win Craft, Francis Pollara
Writer: Maria Biber-Ferro
Cast: Jason Beghe, Curt Cornelius

Documentary / USA / 8 min.

Shot on location in Neil‘s metal fabrication shop, the 3rd generation craftsman gives a sincere overview of his life‘s work, dispensing hard-worn wisdom while illuminating the sobering realities of the role private business plays in changing the economic landscape. This series sheds light on forgotten trades and practices in America.

Director: Skylar Nielsen
Producer: Skylar Nielsen
Writer: Skylar Nielsen
The Burying Beetle

Drama / USA / 27 min.

A boy trying to cope with his terminally ill father‘s impending death discovers religion and becomes convinced that his father must repent and get baptized to save his soul before he dies. His father, a scientist and avowed atheist, doesn‘t quite see it that way.

Director: Dave Rock
Producer: Dave Rock, Angela Sostre
Writer: Dave Rock
Cast: John Michael Higgins, Freddy Rodriguez
Method Actor

Drama / United Kingdom / 4 min.

"Method Actor" is a powerful 3 minute short film which presents the monologue of a single actor. Through his reminiscences, the audience gets insight into a dark, confused and embittered mind.

Director: Justin Stokes
Producer: Daniel Carter
Writer: Glenn Smith
Cast: John Shrapnel
Labour Laws

Drama / Canada / 3 min.

A fun little short about a woman returning to work after winning a wrongful dismissal court case for being pregnant.

Director: James Genn
Producer: Morgan Drmaj, Cher Hawrysh
Writer: Stephanie Moore
Cast: Stephanie Moore, Victoria Fodor
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