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Drama / USA / 15 min.

With an abusive older brother, Benny must resist the urge to take his frustration out on his annoying little sister. But when the brother ignores his babysitting duties and she nearly drowns, it is on Benny to cover up the secret from their mother. His life depends on it.

Director: Nathan Firn
Producer: Nathan Firn, Lee Dempsey
Writer: Nathan Firn
Cast: Matthew Sullivan, Patrick Sullivan
Divorcing the Devil

Comedy / USA / 15 min.

Priscilla, a former supermodel, fights to get a divorce from her husband, who happens to be the prince of darkness.

Director: Mary HB Nguyen
Producer: Nina Nguyen, Lareina Wong
Writer: Mary HB Nguyen
Cast: Tyson Pestner, Julia Reiss
The Sweatshop

Drama / USA / 11 min.

A story about Lee and Mimi, two children who search for a chance to escape their imprisonment in an illegal sweatshop. When Lee finally discovers a chance to get away, he will make a decision that could change both of their futures forever.

Director: Chin Tangsakulsathaporn
Producer: Chin Tangsakulsathaporn
Writer: Chin Tangsakulsathaporn

Comedy / Australia / 7 min.

In this black comedy, 75 year olds Ray and Mary Horsborough decide to take fate into their own hands, but their double suicide pact doesn’t go according to plan!

Director: Tanya Goldberg
Producer: Lisa Hoppe, Bobbie Waterman
Writer: Lisa Hoppe, Bobbie Waterman
Cast: Robina Beard, Lester Morris
Outside Paradise

Drama / USA / 16 min.

Armed with antique 1873 Colt Peacemaker revolvers, a gross misinterpretation of the Holy Bible, an unshakable quest for justice, and an unhealthy obsession with their favorite Hollywood Western heroes, the Cain brothers embark on an odyssey across the desolate New America in search of their survivalist grandfather.

Director: Ricardo Perez-Selsky, Preston Geer
Producer: Ricardo Perez-Selsky, Preston Geer
Writer: Preston Geer
Cast: Christopher Geer, Preston Geer
A Little Push

Comedy / USA / 18 min.

Bessie and Gertrude, the last two standing of a group of elderly friends, face a dilemma when Bessie wants to back out of the mercy pact that they all signed years back. Gertrude will try to fulfill the pact.

Director: Andrés Moret Urdampilleta
Producer: Jannick Gluck, Andrés Moret Urdampilleta
Writer: Andrés Moret Urdampilleta
Cast: Maryann Strossner, Doris Martin
Kali the Little Vampire

Animation / Canada / 9 min.

This is the story of a boy unlike other boys who dreams of finding his place in the world. He will have to face up to his personal demons and overcome his fears to find at last the way to the light. Like the moon’s reflection in troubled water, he will disappear…for a while.

Director: Regina Pessoa
Producer: Abi Feijo, Georges Schwitzgebel, Pascal Le Nôtre, Julie Roy, Rene Chenier
Writer: Regina Pessoa

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