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Titans of Newark

Comedy / USA / 26 min.

In the heavens of Mt. Olympus, the Greek gods debate whether they maintain power over humanity. In present day New Jersey, an unemployed loser gets the interview of a lifetime; not realizing that between him and the interview stands a divine war that will push him to his limits.

Director: Mike Marino
Producer: Raisa Machado
Writer: Mike Marino
Cast: Joel Brooks, Dee Dee Rescher

Drama / USA / 15 min.

A glimpse into the lives of an ensemble of characters leading up to the moment the world changed forever - 8:46 A.M. Tuesday September 11, 2001.

Director: Jennifer Gargano
Producer: Jennifer Gargano, Harry Azano Jr.
Writer: Jennifer Gargano

Romance / USA / 15 min.

In a world immersed in discrimination against Latinos, Maria and Leo decide to reunite. Simultaneously, Marilyn and David begin their love. Surrounded by decrepit remnants of a once beautiful town, or in a world where imagination is reality, these two couples show two sides of the same love.

Director: Matias Nilsson
Producer: Allison Hardey
Writer: Matias Nilsson, Allison Hardey
Cast: Liliana Montenegro, Jason Rowland
1426 Chelsea Street

Drama / USA / 20 min.

On Bob Boone’s journey to endure through homelessness, two strangers inadvertently give him a place to belong. Ryan Simpkins and Jason Field star in this socially relevant and moving story about three strangers who serendipitously connect when they need each other most.

Director: Alanna Brown
Producer: Alanna Brown, Ryan Simpkins
Writer: Alanna Brown
Cast: Ryan Simpkins, Jason Field
To Anyone

Gay/Lesbian / USA / 10 min.

Jay, a voyeuristic young woman, loves Chloe from afar. When Chloe's world falls apart, Jay is faced with a choice: Will she let her obsession drive her further into isolation, or will she reach out? A look at unrequited love and the small ways strangers can touch one another’s lives.

Director: Mandy Brown
Producer: Jenna Devynn Beck, Mandy Brown
Writer: Mandy Brown, Jenna Devynn Beck
Cast: Mandy Brown, Jenna Devynn, Beck Chris
The Grace Of Others

Drama / USA / 11 min.

James is a man with a string of past lovers. He asks his current photographer girlfriend to take his family's annual portrait, but will she fit into the picture?

Director: Alexander Brunacci, Elizabeth Sarsfield
Producer: Elizabeth Sarsfield
Writer: Alexander Brunacci, Elizabeth Sarsfield

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