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Fear of Flying

Animation / Ireland / 9 min.

A small bird with a fear of flying tries to avoid heading South for the winter.

Director: Conor Finnegan
Producer: Brunella Cocchiglia
Writer: Conor Finnegan
Cast: Mark Doherty, Aoife Duffin

Comedy / USA / 20 min.

Elizabeth thought she was coming back to Pittsburgh for a funeral and a few days with her mom, but her boyfriend dumps her almost immediately. She is stunned. Suddenly without a relationship or a job, she becomes so disconnected that she feels shes just floating away.

Director: Randy Kovitz
Producer: Jim Rogal, Adrienne Wehr
Writer: Randy Kovitz, Deborah Hosking
Cast: Kate Rogal, Anthony Carrigan
All You Need

Drama / USA / 25 min.

When facing the same illness that took her mother's life, Dana has to stop taking care of everyone else and accept help from others. She learns that sometimes all you need is what you already have.

Director: Ricardo Ultreras
Producer: Michelle Coyle
Writer: Michelle Coyle
Cast: Michelle Coyle, Sarah Elizabeth Johnston, William Gabriel

Drama / USA / 18 min.

Eds a college freshman with a hip girlfriend, an upstart garage band, and a father with six months to live. With no choice, Ed drops out to care for him. Three years later, Pops is still alive and all Ed can focus on is the life he left behind.

Director: David Chiu
Producer: Sonja Mereu
Writer: Sonja Mereu
Cast: Rey Goyos, Christine Breihan
Peter at the End

Drama / USA / 23 min.

Peter is a young man returning home after an extended, and unexplained, absence. During the course of a boisterous evening, Peter looks for ways to reconnect with those he left behind only to find the ripples of the past hurrying to catch up to him. His determination to tell the truth about recent events in his life and his desire to make peace with those he loves set in motion a night of humor, anxiety, frustration, and joy.

Director: Russ Lamoureux
Producer: Lorraine Yurshansky
Writer: Robert Gibbs, Whit Hertford
Cast: Jon Heder, Cindy Williams

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