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Closing Bell

Action/Adventure / USA / 4 min.

It is October 2008 and as Congress contemplates a 700 billion dollar bailout for the banks, a Wall Street broker must decide where to allocate his money. With just four minutes left until closing bell, his mind begins to drift to the deep-rooted problems of the USA’s economic and political structure and what may happen if we continue the path to financial self-destruction.

Director: Janek Ambros
Producer: Janek Ambros, Joe Riitano
Writer: Janek Ambros
Cast: Joe Riitano, Steven Molony
Election Day

Comedy / USA / 12 min.

A political thriller set in a high school student government...and there's nothing meaner than American high school politics.

Director: Zach Wechter
Producer: Kevin Slee, Taylor O'Sullivan
Writer: Zach Wechter, Jack Seidman
Cast: Lexi Sakowitz, Jordan Jacinto
The Environmentalist

Comedy / Canada / 8 min.

A darkly comic tale about a man who is desperately trying to save the world from environmental devastation before it is too late.

Director: Jacob Bond
Producer: Jacob Bond, Deborah Gillam-Harry
Writer: Jacob Bond
Cast: Taz VanRassel, Quynh Mi Greigh
Cold Warrior

Drama / United Kingdom / 19 min.

A young gymnast questions her dreams of championship glory when she discovers she’s part of a shady government plot to win at any cost.

Director: Emily Greenwood
Producer: Tom Wood, Alastair Clark
Writer: Emily Greenwood
Cast: Eloise Littell, Laurence Mitchell, Wolf Kahler
Yes You Deserve It!

Drama / USA / 11 min.

After a grocery store employee is beaten, the prime suspect and a security guard play a psychological game of cat and mouse until one man is pushed to his breaking point.

Director: Jon Weinberg
Producer: Jon Weinberg
Writer: Kris Elgstrand
Cast: Ron Butler, Jon Weinberg
Easter Eggs

Drama / Croatia / 15 min.

Ex-Yugoslavia in the 70’s: the time of communism. A mother is secretly celebrating Easter at home with her children. The father, an army officer and ingrained communist, bursts in the middle of the celebration.

Director: Slobodan Karajlović
Producer: Ana Vilenica
Writer: Slobodan Karajlović, Jelena Svilar
Cast: Nikola Crcek, Ana Ljubicic
All My Presidents

Action/Adventure / USA / 15 min.

When the grandchild of a state governor watches his father walk away for a war and never return, he grabs a hold of the only thing left in his life, the ideology of the US Presidents. Years later he finds himself behind a campaign and questioning the man he follows.

Director: Connor Hair
Producer: Jeremiah Kaynor, Sarah Mackay, Lisa Coronado
Writer: Alder Sherwood
Cast: Nathan Gamble, David Hogan
Behind Closed Door

Drama / USA / 9 min.

In Behind Closed Door, consequences from a political scandal ripple across a family home. On the brink of a major announcement, the members retreat to their own spaces, and Maryann Davis— mother, wife, daughter—becomes burdened by the emotions and resentments that are forced to the surface.

Director: Joan Stein-Schimke
Producer: Cameron Leel, Joan Stein-Schimke
Writer: Cameron Leel
Cast: Cynthia Kaplan, Jeff Pucillo

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