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Laughing Out Loud

Comedy / Canada / 8 min.

A woman, completely immersed in all forms of electronic social networking, is thrown into a situation where she only gets one last chance to send one last text message to one last person.

Director: Daniel Clements
Producer: Daniel Clements, Shera Everett
Writer: Daniel Clements
Cast: Peri Greig

Drama / South Korea / 17 min.

A maid who works for a wealthy family becomes obsessed with her employer’s life. She does something secretly when she is alone in the house.

Director: Seong-hyeok Moon
Producer: Jin-hee Lee
Writer: Seong-hyeok Moon
Cast: Jeong-min Hwang, Hee-tae Jeong
Falling Up

Family / USA / 15 min.

One ordinary day, 10-year-old Charles Henry is delighted to discover that he has the ability to float. But when society pressures him to conform and fix his 'problem,’ he must find the courage to overcome what others think and embrace who he is.

Director: RJ Collins
Producer: Kate Lilly
Writer: RJ Collins
Cast: Dylan Shepherd, Alyssa Miller
The Blessing

Comedy / USA / 22 min.

Edel brings her boyfriend, Isaiah, home to meet Martin, her Irish Catholic father. Martin is relentless in his efforts to test Isaiah's worthiness, or at least to get him drunk. Can Isaiah put up with Martin long enough to get his marriage blessing?

Director: Jake Ehrlich
Producer: Ray Martinez, Chris Julian
Writer: Tara Ellicott, Jake Ehrlich
Cast: Lou Dezseran, Natalie Britton

Drama / USA / 18 min.

A recent college graduate is torn between the decision to start a career in business or take a risk and follow his dream in the arts.

Director: Dustin Brown
Producer: Mantas Valantiejus, Dustin Brown
Writer: Dustin Brown
Cast: Joseph LeMieux, Alison Sieke
This is Caroline

Drama / USA / 15 min.

The story of how a darkly comic accident, misinterpreted as a suicide attempt, forces a girl to acknowledge real feelings of loneliness.

Director: Danny Abel
Producer: Danny Abel, Lisa Cifuentes
Writer: Hannah Utt
Cast: Hannah Utt, Zoe Farmingdale

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