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Son of Man

Drama / USA / 13 min.

An Allied medic, rumored to be the second coming of Christ, gets captured by a Catholic-Nazi regime in Croatia during the twilight of WW2 and gets into a philosophical debate with the Catholic-Nazi officer. The short film is based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “The Grand Inquisitor,” a parable from his novel, The Brothers Karamazov.

Director: Janek Ambros
Producer: Janek Ambros, Richie Heller
Writer: Fyodor Dostoevsky, Janek Ambros
Cast: Aleksei Diakow, Steven Molony

Drama / USA / 20 min.

Set in 1920’s Germany, Wallenda is a short film about Karl Wallenda’s first high wire performance with the Louis Weitzmann Troupe years before he became the patriarch of The Flying Wallendas, the internationally famous troupe known for its death-defying feats, such as the seven-person pyramid.

Director: VW Scheich
Producer: VW Scheich, Uyen Le
Writer: VW Scheich, Uyen Le
Cast: Clement von Franckenstein, Sylvianne Chebance, Marlon Wrede
Elegy for a Revolutionary

Drama / USA / 24 min.

Encouraged by his friend, a journalist joins the African National Congress to protest apartheid. When their acts of sabotage turn to murder, their relationship falls apart. Then one of them cooperates with the security police and becomes a witness for the state. Two men are forced to choose sides - and suffer their fate. Betrayal knows no limits.

Director: Paul Van Zyl
Producer: Stacy Ekstein
Writer: Paul van Zyl
Cast: Martin Copping, Brian Ames, Michael Enright
The Sugar Bowl

Documentary / Canada / 20 min.

A chorus of characters takes us through the rise and fall of a Philippine island and its sugarcane industry. Stunning images paint a portrait of a charming place trying to move into the future.

Director: Shasha Nakhai, Rich Williamson
Producer: Shasha Nakhai, Nicole Rogers
Elliott Erwitt: I Bark at Dogs

Documentary / USA / 12 min.

Distinguished as both a documentary and commercial photographer, Erwitt has taken some of the most memorable photographs of the twentieth century, including astonishing scenes of everyday life, filled with poetry and special wit. Dogs are a subject of constant fascination.

Director: Douglas J. Sloan
Producer: Gail Kershner, Tania Sethi
Writer: Jeffrey M. Brooks
Cast: Elliott Erwitt

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