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Mr. Tucker's Great Day

Comedy / USA / 7 min.

After just being fired from his job, a loyal father comes home to his seemingly perfect family that is actually breaking apart from the lies they tell to keep up the flawless family image everyone wants them to maintain.

Director: Daniel Carr
Producer: Ross Campbell
Writer: Dan Carr, Nick Roney
Cast: Tim Moran, Casey Leet
Fortune Faded

Experimental / Germany / 4 min.

Every moment leads to another one. Thus, to understand one moment one has to know about his background, because everything has a cause and effect. Fortune Faded describes this principle with a journey through these moments and tells a story of a fateful concatenation that finally ends up in fire and ashes.

Director: Alexander Heringer
Producer: Christoph Bachmann, Rosario Squillace
Writer: Johannes Krieger
Dancing Still

Drama / USA / 16 min.

Natalie and Shane are former lovers who reconnect fifteen years after last seeing each other. The lives they chose since their break-up aren't what they had envisioned.

Director: Robert Munic
Producer: Robert Munic, Jeff Myers
Writer: Ingrid Rogers, Robert Munic
Cast: Ingrid Rogers, Louis Ferreira

Drama / USA / 11 min.

A tale of greed and vengeance.

Director: James Johnston
Producer: Alec Jhangiani
Writer: James Johnston
Cast: Charles Baker, Richard Olsen
Hung Up

Drama / USA / 10 min.

Alone in his apartment on a Friday night, Paul struggles to recover from a recent break up.

Director: Reed Van Dyk
Producer: Tomas Vengris, Reed Van Dyk
Writer: Reed Van Dyk, Phil Mills
Cast: Phil Mills, Kirsten Kollender

Drama / USA / 4 min.

A relationship ends.

Director: Dustin Bowser, Brie Larson
Producer: Christian Heuer
Writer: Dustin Bowser, Brie Larson
Cast: Brie Larson, Satya Bhabha
The Digglito and The Pussycat

Drama / France / 17 min.

An American woman breaks up with her French boyfriend in Paris. As one of her studentís father and his shrink try to help her, they will realize what the real drama of her life is all about.

Director: Yohan Riba Martinez
Producer: Tania Martinez, Yohan Riba Martinez
Writer: Yohan Riba Martinez
Cast: Kelina Riva, Cedric Cirotteau

Drama / USA / 7 min.

Hoping to discover some excitement in her mundane marriage, a housewife secretly visits a backwoodsman in the middle of the night to have her husband's dream read.

Director: Kathleen Lorden
Producer: Kathleen Lorden, Bryce Martin
Writer: Kathleen Lorden
Cast: Nancy Schofield, Clifford Morts
Split Perfect

Drama / Hungary / 14 min.

Two couples split up the very same night in the very same bar to the film noir mood set by the smooth jazz. Adam leaves the woman of his life, while Eve leaves the man of her life and they both cite the same reasons, word for word.

Director: Balazs Juszt
Producer: Janos Eros
Writer: Balazs Juszt
Cast: Kata Dobo, Attila Arpa

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