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THURSDAY - JULY 31 - 5:30 PM

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Hollygrove - The True Life Story of Monserrat

Drama / USA / 8 min.

Hollygrove was founded in 1880 as the Los Angeles Orphans Home Society, once home to movie icon Marilyn Monroe. This is the true life story of Monserrat, a former child in crisis who shares how she learned to trust and love herself again after experiencing trauma and despair.

Director: Carlos A. Hurtado
Producer: Carlos A. Hurtado, Brandon Stevenson
Writer: Screen Story by: Carlos A. Hurtado, Narrator/V.O. by Monserrat
Cast: Monserrat , Danielle Breen,
Pet World

Drama / USA / 22 min.

Kyle's pet snake dies under suspicious circumstances, and he blames his stepmother. Harold, a loving father and husband, struggles to make peace at home. Together, father and son embark on a journey to bury the snake, which brings Harold face to face with his own deep-seated sadness.

Director: Jake Eide
Producer: Benjamin Ross Lyerly
Writer: Jocelyn Eide
Cast: Jeffree Newman, Cameron Sheean, Lindsae
The Girl On The Roof

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 24 min.

Facing increasing isolation and abuse from girls in her class at school and an equally unlovable home life, Lila's world slips from bad to worse when she witnesses a crime from her roof. Suddenly confronted by all her fears a plan begins to form, but things don't turn out as she expects.

Director: Skeet Ulrich
Producer: Amelia Jackson-Gray, Skeet Ulrich
Writer: Amelia Jackson-Gray
Cast: Naiia Ulrich, Lennie James, Todd
The Ramona Flowers 'Tokyo'

Music Video / United Kingdom / 6 min.

A mysterious masked stranger and a boy form the centrepiece of a gathering of elderly society women who yearn for their youth and the exquisite command of their lure.

Director: Bouha Kazmi
Producer: Chance Wilson
Writer: Bouha Kazmi
Dirty Laundry

Family / USA / 18 min.

Young Sam has no parents to clean his clothes. No ally to ward off the bullies at school, and no Hero to defeat the terrifying Laundry Monster that dwells in his basement. As the mountain of dirty laundry grows larger, the insults at school grow meaner and the roars of the Monster grow louder.

Director: Aaron Martinez
Producer: Ian Drazen
Writer: Guy Pooles
Cast: Zander Faden, Nicole Haddad, Jeff
The Red Carpet

Documentary / Spain / 12 min.

Millions of children play surrounded by rubish, cows, rats and excrements. Garib Nagar slum, in Bandra district (Bombay, India) is Rubina's home, a 12-year old girl who aims to become an actress and change the slum into a more clean and habitable place.

Director: Iosu Lopez, Manuel Fernandez
Producer: Iosu Lopez, Manuel Fernandez
Writer: Iosu Lopez, Manuel Fernandez
Cast: Rubina Ali
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