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Drama / USA / 14 min.

Based on a true story, Closure is about a man's life becoming irrevocably changed when he finds out his estranged father has died.

Director: Wallace Langham
Producer: Anil Marghsahayam, David Desantos
Writer: David Desantos
Cast: David DeSantos, Stephanie Beatriz, Tim Bagley, Gareth Williams
Hard Times

Drama / United Kingdom / 13 min.

A rattlesnake in the hen house threatens Jacob and Edna's precarious existence. 'Hard Times' is an atmospheric short adapted from a story by the critically lauded Appalachian writer Ron Rash.

Director: Nick Gordon
Producer: Sally Campbell, Tim Nash
Writer: Nick Gordon, George Belfield
Cast: , ,
Mr. Overton

Documentary / USA / 13 min.

"Mr. Overton" is a 12 minute, short documentary about Richard Overton, at 109 years old, the oldest living WWII veteran. He drinks, he smokes and he still drives. And he has a younger "ladyfriend" - she's 91!

Director: Matt Cooper
Producer: Rocky Conly, John Halecky
Writer: Matt Cooper
Cast: , ,
The King

Drama / United Kingdom / 13 min.

An ambitious kid sets up his first drug deal, but his plans are derailed by a chance encounter with a storytelling stranger in a launderette.

Director: Frederic Casella
Producer: Emily Barttelot
Writer: Frederic Casella, Giles Abbott
Cast: Giles Abbott, Youssef Berouain, Moya Brady, Jasmine Jobson, Kinquaid Malik-White, Damien Thomas
Morning Brew

Animation / USA / 9 min.

Morning Brew is a short story told with dark humor on the ongoing nature of environmental apathy.

Director: Joe Fenton
Producer: Joe Fenton
Writer: Joe Fenton
Cast: , ,

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 8 min.

A young woman arrives at a bizarre job interview and, pressured by an onslaught of questions from an oddball trio, takes a minute to confront her insecurities head on. A twisted look at desire, convention and the perceptions that shape them.

Director: Anthony Garland
Producer: Ali Mueller, Andrew Van Wyk
Writer: Anthony Garland
Cast: Ali Mueller, Mary Pat Gleason, Larry Cedar
The Inspector and the Umbrella

Animation / France / 2 min.

The New York City, 1952. The day promises to be rainy, but nothing can affect our dear Inspector Frigg today. Nothing?

Director: Mael Gourmelen
Producer: Mael Gourmelen, Didier Brunner
Writer: Mael Gourmelen
Cast: , ,

Drama / USA / 21 min.

'Hidden' is the story of Parham, a 12-year-old who sees his stepmother and half-brother as intrusions in his otherwise normal world. Feeling neglected and unloved, he can't express his disapproval to his father, and is forced to face his role in his brother's death when overcome by guilt and remorse.

Director: Farzad Ostovarzadeh
Producer: Bini Noble
Writer: Farzad Ostovarzadeh
Cast: Daniel Zolghadri, Shary Nassimi, Niousha
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