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Still Worth by East of Angels

Music Video / USA / 5 min.

The struggles of taking chances and seizing opportunity.

Director: Cameron Thrower
Producer: Lillard Anthony, Kevin Sanchez
Writer: Cameron Thrower, Kevin Sanchez
Cast: Kevin Sanchez, Madison Bellissimo, East of Angels
L.A. Fadeaway

Drama / USA / 19 min.

A young female musician in 1977 Los Angeles struggles to find her voice in an industry full of sellouts.

Director: Meg Sutton
Producer: John Marsaglia
Writer: Meg Sutton
Cast: Lindsey Newell, Timothy Ryan Cole, Sean Wiggins

Drama / France / 12 min.

Joss works for a music label. At a worldwide music-award festival, he and his boss have a private meeting with a famous DJ. They are about to sign a huge contract together. This meeting will reveal their true faces.

Director: Eric Buisson
Producer: Eric Buisson
Writer: Eric Buisson
Cast: Dennis Herdman, James Redmond, Soundos Mosbah
The Neighbors

Drama / USA / 7 min.

A widower struggles for peace and quiet while living in the apartment underneath a raucous 8-year-old piano prodigy.

Director: Henry-Alex Rubin
Producer: Sarah Michler
Writer: Sarah Michler
Cast: Stan Peternel, Nicole Gorbacheva, Kelly Rohrbach
Da Capo

Drama / USA / 14 min.

Penelope is a classical pianist living in Los Angeles. Despite her impressive training, she has been struggling to make her dream happen and has decided to sell her upright piano before moving back home with her parents. Xavier, a single father and former jazz pianist comes to buy her piano for his teenage son, from whom he is estranged. Upon this chance encounter, these two strangers realize that they have more in common than they think.

Director: Barbara Stepansky
Producer: Madeleine Mindling, Abraham Ampka
Writer: Caroline Bloom
Cast: Caroline Bloom, Moe Irvin
Belle Noble - Instinct

Music Video / Australia / 4 min.

This music video features 4 individualistic talented young dancers improvising movement based on instinct. After hearing music and words, each dancer was instructed to react physically to how that made them feel, with the camera rolling.

Director: Adam Murfet, Jessie Oldfield
Producer: Joel Roche
Writer: Adam Murfet, Jessie Oldfield
Cast: Bailee-Rose Farnham, Gabriella Petkov, Gian De Felipe
Dust To Gold - Blue Rodeo

Music Video / Canada / 5 min.

One of the more tonally moody pieces on the Blue Rodeo album '1000 arms', Dust To Gold already felt cinematic to us. Both sultry and slightly dangerous, this song evokes a great deal of imagery with every listen. We felt that the best approach would be to create a "Neon Noir", contact dance piece that articulates the drama inherent in this song.

Director: Matthew Barnett, Tatjana Green
Producer: Sarah Swick, Kiki Divic
Cast: Blue Rodeo Band, Jessy Smith, Jeff Lyon
Paris, 1971

Documentary / USA / 11 min.

Lost interviews with Jim Morrison, never before featured in a documentary, form the basis of this imaginative re-framing that recounts his last days and interment at the mythic Père Lachaise cemetery.

Director: David Khachatorian
Producer: George P. Pozderec, David Khachatorian
Cast: Jim Morrison

Drama / Canada / 3 min.

A struggling young singer glimpses the dark side of the recording industry. Based on actual events.

Director: Peter Huang
Producer: Katy Maravala
Writer: Peter Huang
Cast: Jessie Reyez, Milton Barnes, Karen Knox
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