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SATURDAY - JULY 28 - 5:30 PM

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Drama / USA / 9 min.

Two old friends must reconcile with their hidden past.

Director: Daniel Cotreau
Producer: Kelly Cotreau, Daniel Cotreau
Writer: Kelly Cotreau, Daniel Cotreau
Behind Closed Doors

Drama / USA / 15 min.

After realizing her abusive husband will never change, a

battered woman must make the ultimate decision of

staying with the only man she has ever loved, or calling

the police to save her life.

Director: Roy Arwas
Producer: Tiffany Kontoyiannis, Roy Arwas
Writer: Roy Arwas
Last Night in New York

Drama / USA / 7 min.

Shot entirely in the New York City Subway, our hero spends

his last night in New York roaming the metro, learning from

his chance encounters with locals.

Director: Joe Zohar
Producer: Steve Vasquez Jr., Steve Conry
Writer: Joe Zohar
Catman: The Love Thief

Comedy / USA / 17 min.

Antonio's high school romance is threatened when Catman:

The Love Thief, is on the prowl.

Director: Austin Coombs-Perez
Producer: Austin Coombs-Perez, Ginger Port
Writer: Austin Coombs-Perez

Drama / USA / 16 min.

Evan tries to turn his life around, but finds

himself trapped in a series of drug deals and

substance abuse.

Director: Brendan Jones
Producer: Greg Stanley, Brendan Jones
Writer: Brendan Jones, Greg Stanley

Drama / USA / 13 min.

A South American boy moves to London to study dance and volunteer


disabled people, as he discovers that life isn't always as easy as it


Director: Juan Pablo Di Pace, Andrés P. Estrada
Producer: Guillermo Escalona, John Hermann
Writer: Juan Pablo Di Pace, Andrés P. Estrada
Cast: Pablo Castelblanco, Annie O' Donnell, Peter
Grow Up

Drama / USA / 7 min.

Grow Up is a nostalgic glimpse into the lives of Southern California’s suburban youth. A group of teenagers hang on to their last moments of adolescence, as senior year is coming to an end and the pressures of growing up are looming around the corner.

Director: Michael Easterling
Producer: Jaala Ruffman
Writer: Michael Easterling, Jaala Ruffman
Left Behind

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 8 min.

Left Behind is a psychological thriller based on a scarred journalist who is trying to finish his next article against left handers. In this story world, the usage of left hand is seen as abnormal and is forbidden. The protagonist, Richard Greene has resigned himself to live a regretful life due to societal pressures and legal prohibition. Due to constant suppression all his life, his left hand overpowers and kills him. Perhaps, this is where my theme lies, the axe forgets but the tree remembers.

Director: Anusha Rao
Producer: Anusha Rao
Writer: Anusha Rao
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