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SATURDAY - JULY 28 - 7:45 PM

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Drama / USA / 15 min.

Ella is unfulfilled. One night, she discovers a zipper tab under her

husband's tongue. She pulls it and her entire life changes. But when

newness turns into the new normal, once again, Ella is unfulfilled. She

realizes her mistake: the problem has always been her.

Director: Lisa Edelstein
Producer: Kate Cohen, Jane Hollon
Writer: Lisa Edelstein
Cast: Lisa Edelstein, James LeGros, Jason

Latin / USA / 12 min.

A fantastic discovery gets out of hand when artisanal

fisherman Nacho and his young nephew Pato accidentally

catch a childlike mermaid in their net. Unsure whether to help

her, sell her, or release her back into the ocean, the two of

them, along with Pato's overprotective mother Magda, must

decide what to do when a bit of magic invades their world.

Director: Christa Boarini
Producer: Arrianna Hamrah, David Grove Churchill Viste
Writer: Joey Abisso, Christa Boarini
Cast: Geovany Morales, Adolfo Portillo, Marylena

Drama / USA / 14 min.

A world in which the gender roles are reversed. Ben, an aspiring

producer, has been assaulted by his boss and big time producer,

Elizabeth Wright. Ben faces the ultimate dilemma: choose the career

that he has spent years working for, or to do the right thing.

Director: Tiffany Kontoyiannis
Producer: Roy Arwas, Tiffany Kontoyiannis
Writer: Tiffany Kontoyiannis

Documentary / USA / 11 min.

In "Home", artist and filmmaker Kyoko Takenaka unveils their contemplations on Asian-American identity through original song and poetry, video clips, and audio recordings captured from real-life experiences over the span of seven years. Through references to pop culture, racist imitations of Asians, and a defining return to their childhood home, HOME is a multimedia statement on how the affirmation of culture, resistance and resilience can disrupt enduring myths and redeem our histories.

Director: Kyoko Takenaka
Producer: Kyoko Takenaka
Writer: Kyoko Takenaka
Cast: Kyoko Takenaka

Drama / USA / 11 min.

Riley believes her "family vine" made her into an

independent and mature young woman, but who does she

turn to when she needs help?

Director: Chelsi Johnston
Producer: DeeAnne Ferraro
Writer: Chelsi Johnston
Cast: Caroline Hebert, Brendan Farrell
End of The Line

Comedy / USA / 14 min.

A lonely man goes to the pet store and buys a tiny man in a


Director: Jessica Sanders
Producer: Louise Shore, Jessica Sanders
Writer: Joanne Giger
Cast: Brett Gelman, Simon Helberg, Vivian Bang

Drama / USA / 14 min.

Nina and Alex are married with a beautiful toddler, Elsie. Nina's had enough.

Director: Lisanne Sartor
Producer: Lisanne Sartor, Sam Kim, John Sclimenti, Il Cho
Writer: Lisanne Sartor
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