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SUNDAY - JULY 29 - 5:30 PM

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Tea With Alice

Drama / USA / 15 min.

In a fateful chance meeting, two women, one living with autism and the other a widow, bond over tea, a dead dog, and a dead husband.

Director: Jonathan Del Arco
Producer: Bryan Raber, Kyle Fritz
Writer: Jonathan Del Arco
Cast: Tara Karsian, Catherine McGoohan,
Egg Day

Comedy / USA / 10 min.

Real-life husband and wife duo, Damien Fahey and Grasie Mercedes, co-

write and star in EGG DAY. Based on their real-life experience, EGG DAY is a

dark comedy short about the egg retrieval process during a couple's IVF.

Grasie is making her directorial debut and the film co-stars Mindy Cohn of

'The Facts of Life' and George Ketsios.

Director: Grasie Mercedes
Producer: Kate Hamilton, Natalie Britton
Writer: Grasie Mercedes, Damien Fahey

Drama / USA / 17 min.

After receiving a life-changing diagnosis, Raymond must

figure out how to break the news to his family, without

ruining what time they have left together.

Director: Madeline O'Hara
Producer: Madeline O'Hara, Genna Matarazzo
Writer: Madeline O'Hara

Family / USA / 16 min.

Blueberry is Short Film about an Afrocentric podcast host, Lyric Hayes in search to find his greatest idol and best-selling author, Harambe Cornell. Lyric is in middle of

seducing a hippie yoga instructor on his show when he

learns she has information that will help him find Harambe Cornell. Unfortunately, he is forced to take care of his six-year-old son Jacob, dressed in a blueberry costume.

Director: Martina Lee
Producer: Robbin Rae, Martina Lee
Writer: Martina Lee
Cast: Stevie Johnson, Evan Alex,
Have It All

Comedy / USA / 5 min.

A true story of what happens when the expectation is the enemy.

Director: Katie Locke OBrien
Producer: Katie Locke OBrien, Barret Bowman
Writer: Katie Locke OBrien
Dazzle Beast

Drama / USA / 15 min.

When her mother goes missing, a teenager gifted with black magic must turn to the savage world of bounty hunting to support her little sister.

Director: Ryan Goble
Producer: Ryan Goble, Kristal Williams, Matt Reilly
Writer: Ryan Goble

Drama / USA / 12 min.

Set in backdrop of an LA Persian engagement party, "Roya" is a portrait of an image conscious Iranian-American mother who clashes with her free-spirited teenage daughter.

Director: Shaina Pakravan
Producer: Sara Silkin, Liam Campbell
Writer: Shaina Pakravan, Nadia Pakravan

Comedy / USA / 7 min.

A woman discovers the barriers that exist in her life after responding to a wrong number.

Director: Sharri Hefner
Producer: Sharri Hefner
Writer: Sharri Hefner
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