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MONDAY - JULY 30 - 3:15 PM

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Drama / USA / 17 min.

Evelyn, a mentally-ill, dark-haired Asian beauty, has

made something of herself since her mental breakdown,

but a run-in with her ex-boyfriend and his fiancée brings

up her dark and troubling past. She then embarks on a

mental journey to heal emotional wounds by learning to

forgive and love herself.

Director: Debbie Yen
Producer: Jared Lundy
Writer: Debbie Yen
Alternative Math

Comedy / USA / 9 min.

A well meaning math teacher finds herself trumped by a post-fact


Director: David Maddox, David Maddox
Producer: Liz Cardenas, David Maddox
Writer: David Maddox, Malcolm Morrison
Beautiful Dogs

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 16 min.

A dog walker encounters a difficult situation.

Director: Matt McClung
Producer: Connor Hall, Joe Hooten
Writer: Matt McClung

Drama / USA / 13 min.

An 11-year-old, sugar-addict Latina goes through the motions of

growing up in a not-so-sweet world

Director: Emiliana Ammirata
Producer: Santiago Cervantes, Gia Rigoli
Writer: Emiliana Ammirata
The Caption

Drama / USA / 11 min.

A cartoon caption artist struggles to find success as his wife

contemplates leaving him.

Director: Nick Miller, Jonny Zwick
Producer: Nick Miller, Jonny Zwick
Writer: Nick Miller, Jonny Zwick

Drama / USA / 30 min.

Eric is down on his luck after losing his job and fiancee and sees no way up. Desperate and out of options, a human angel appears...

Director: Daniel Strehlau
Producer: Daniel Strehlau
Writer: Daniel Strehlau
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