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Fire in Cardboard City

Animation / New Zealand / 9 min.

Cardboard City is on Fire! The worst thing that

could possibly happen has happened. Only fire

chief John McCard and his trusty deputies can

save the citizens of Cardboard City from

annihilation. But they're made out of cardboard


Director: Phil Brough
Producer: Matt Heath, Orlando Stewart
Writer: Phil Brough, Matt Heath
Cast: Leigh Hart, Ella Wilks, Anna
My Grandfather's Memory Book

Documentary / USA / 5 min.

A personal reflection about an unusual sketchbook that

captures a lifetime of memories, connecting three

generations through drawings, writings and dialogue.

Director: Colin Levy
Producer: Colin Levy
Writer: Colin Levy

Animation / USA / 5 min.

Miguel must overcome the feeling of being an outcast on his

first day of school in a new country

Director: Armando Sepulveda Mendoza
Producer: Armando Sepulveda Mendoza
Writer: Armando Sepulveda Mendoza
The Fallen Tree

Animation / USA / 9 min.

A dedicated librarian falls in love with a mysterious mute

composer who has a book wedged in his brain.

Director: Drew Hodges
Producer: Drew Hodges
Writer: Drew Hodges
The Best Date Ever

Family / USA / 16 min.

An eight year-old girl is taken to a date with her single mom.

However, the "perfect" date turns sour, she needs to make an

important decision about how to change the situation.

Director: Xiaoyue Cao
Producer: Zhikun Yu
Writer: Xiaoyue Cao
Unexpected Discoveries

Animation / USA / 2 min.

A young fellow finds himself stumbling upon an ordinary


that allows him to explore other places. You never know

what is

around the corner or what is directly in front of you.

Director: James Mabery, Mark Conlan
Producer: Fern
Cast: n/a n/a, n/a n/a, n/a
Hero Complex

Family / Saudi Arabia / 7 min.

Marlow is the new kid in school and finds it hard to be

recognized, especially with popular bullies around! As we all

know, the only one way to beat a villain is to become a


Director: Mohamad AlYamani
Producer: Douglas Spain
Writer: Mohamad AlYamani

Animation / USA / 4 min.

Owl Guy, a retro comic book superhero, is

suddenly introduced to his rebooted counterpart.

Director: Sagar Arun, Rachel Kral
Producer: Ringling College
Writer: Sagar Arun, Rachel Kral

Animation / USA / 4 min.

"Jumpy" tells the story of an in-game avatar who refuses to give up.

Director: Anthony Falleroni
Producer: Anthony Falleroni
Writer: Anthony Falleroni
One Small Step

Family / China/USA / 8 min.

An ambitious young girl aspires to be an astronaut with the support of her humble father.

Director: Bobby Pontillas, Andrew Chesworth
Producer: Shaofu Zhang

Animation / Argentina / 9 min.

Discrimination, bullying and indifference keep him away from his beloved playground. But Ian won't give up easily and will achieve something amazing.

Director: Abel Goldfarb
Producer: Gastón Gorali, Juan Jose Campanella
Writer: Gastón Gorali
The Sandman

Animation / USA / 10 min.

The Sandman goes round his nightly routine of putting people in town to sleep. All goes well until he accidentally puts a railway operator to sleep, and finds that he must seek a way to wake him up before two oncoming trains collide with each other.

Director: Richard Duan, Taos Whittaker, Ben Jannasch, Natalia Hermida
Producer: Yelim Heo
Writer: Natalia Hermida
The Magic of Reading

Family / USA / 4 min.

A young boy escapes his boredom by unlocking the magic of reading with the help of his big sister. Together, they both venture into a world that only literature can unlock for them and are shown a glimpse of the world that rests bound in the pages of wonderful books. They escape from the clutches of a monster and battle it to their freedom, challenging their imaginations to follow along with the book.

Director: Claudia Moysset
Writer: Claudia Moysset
Late Afternoon

Animation / Ireland / 10 min.

Emily finds herself disconnected from the world around her. She goes on a journey through her memories and relives different moments from her life. Emily must look to her past so that she may fully embrace the present.

Director: Louise Bagnall
Producer: Nuria Blanco
Writer: Louise Bagnall
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