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MONDAY - JULY 30 - 7:45 PM

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The Plague

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 21 min.

Teenage siblings Julie and Julian take refuge in a

secluded forest cabin to avoid becoming infected by a

mysterious and deadly plague. When a stranger comes in

need of help their lives are changed forever.

Director: Federico Torrado Tobon
Producer: Federico Torrado Tobon, Dustin Elm
Writer: Federico Torrado Tobon
Bite Size Horror

Horror / USA / 21 min.

An innovative cinematic collaboration presented in 10 genre bending 2-minute shorts, BITE SIZE HORROR is a festival of fright and delight that explores every facet of the unknown. These slices of scare range from the psychological thriller to the horror comedy, and everything in between.

(1) - Gregory

Director: John William Ross

Writer: John William Ross

Editor: John William Ross and Keith Schwebel

(2) - Mondays

Director: Michael Thelin

Writer: Michael Thelin and Sabrina Stoll

Editor: Eric Nagy

(3) - Monstagram

Director: Jerome Sable

Writer: Jerome Sable & Nicholas Musurca

Editor: Dana Turken

(4) - Scaring Grandma

Director: Chris Leone

Writer: Arbi Pedrossian

Editor: Chris Leone

(5) - The Replacement

Director: Chris Leone

Writer: Paul Workman

Editor: Chris Leone

(6) - Don’t Go Down to Wildor

Director: Ben Franklin & Anthony Melton

Writer: Ben Franklin & Anthony Melton

Editor: Ben Franklin & Anthony Melton

(7) - Floor 9.5

Director: Toby Meakins

Writer: Simon Allen

Editor: Paul Trewartha

(8) - Live Bait

Director: Andrew Laurich

Writer: Andrew Laurich

Editor: Andrew Laurich

(9) - Salt

Director: Rob Savage

Writer: Rob Savage & Jed Shepherd

Editor: Rob Savage

(10) - The Road

Director: Jack Bishop & Justin Nijm

Writer: Jack Bishop & Justin Nijm

Editor: Jack Bishop & Justin Nijm
Producer: Steven Johnson, Arbi Pedrossian, David Brooks (Executive Producer), Tony Sella (Executive Producer)
Cast: Brian Donahue, Jack McGraw, Aiden
Lotte that Silhouette Girl

Documentary / USA / 10 min.

Once upon a time, A young German artist changed the world of animation With shadows, light, and a pair of magical scissors. Her name was LOTTE.

Director: Elizabeth Beecherl, Carla Patullo
Producer: Elizabeth Beecherl, Carla Patullo
Writer: Elizabeth Beecherl, Carla Patullo

Drama / USA / 24 min.

Kiko, a young factory manager is forced to choose between what is right and what is legal when ICE raids the factory and a friend is deported and separated from her daughter.

Director: Felix Martiz
Producer: Felix Martiz, Xiomara Castro, Frank Cortez, Nina Cortez, Jesus Guevara
Writer: Felix Martiz
The Pursuit

Drama / USA / 18 min.

An Armenian-American woman struggling with cultural and familial pressures tries to live her truth and do right by her daughter.

Director: Randy Kent
Producer: Ani Holloway, Christopher Holloway
Writer: Ani Holloway
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