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A Pinprick of Light

Drama / United Kingdom / 13 min.

Synopsis (English):

Inspired by true events, John M. Hull, a

university professor starts to lose his

eyesight and fears that his world is slipping

away. He is hoping for a dream that keeps alive

his memories of what he holds dear.

Director: Kasra Karimi
Producer: Kasra Karimi, Mohamed Madi
Writer: Kasra Karimi
The Ghost

Drama / United Kingdom / 23 min.

A true story of a boy's search for his father, a footballing


Director: Garrick Hamm
Producer: John Dodds
Writer: Garrick Hamm

Drama / United Kingdom / 16 min.

Facing twilight years of loneliness and isolation, Hilda (Joan Collins)

whilst clearing out her deceased husband's belongings, unearths a

long-buried secret. The find forces her to confront her past and

break free from her solitude with an attempt to live the life that she

always denied herself...

Director: Victoria Hollup, Paul Agar
Producer: Hester Ruoff
Writer: Victoria Hollup, Paul Agar
Making Friends

Comedy / United Kingdom / 19 min.

A dark comedy about a lonely oddball who gets an invite to his old

school reunion and a chance to reunite with his childhood sweetheart.

When instead he reunites with his old school bully, things take a turn

for the worse.

Director: Chris Vincze
Producer: Chris Vincze, Naomi Ayres
Writer: Chris Vincze, Mark Davison

Family / United Kingdom / 28 min.

At the turn of the 20th Century, at a boarding house in Paris,

a young girl's life is changed by the arrival of a mysterious

man, whom she discovers is a wirewalker.

Based on the much loved Caldecott Medal winning book,

starring Tom Conti, Miriam Margolyes and introducing Dixie

Egerickx as 'Mirette'

Director: Helen O'Hanlon
Producer: Micheal Stanish
Writer: Helen O'Hanlon
Cast: Tom Conti, Miriam Margolyes, Dixie Egerickx
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