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TUESDAY - JULY 31 - 9:55 PM

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Stories We Tell Ourselves

Experimental / Canada / 7 min.

Stories We Tell Ourselves explores the abstract feelings


loss, the chaos of thoughts, and the anxiety that comes


the strangeness of time and memories fading away.

Director: Andrew De Zen
Producer: Karl Janisse, AJ Edmonds
Writer: Andrew De Zen
A Song for Kate

Drama / USA / 22 min.

Jason and Kate were high school sweethearts. Kate disappeared. Twenty years later, they unexpectedly reunite. The connection between them is palpable. He wants her to drop everything and come to New York with him. The only problem is, she has a family. And a big secret.

Director: Christopher Liebe, Morgan Drmaj
Producer: Tara Emerson, Christopher Liebe
Writer: Tara Emerson
Cast: Tara Emerson, Christopher Liebe, Isabella
Ordinary Girl

Drama / USA / 7 min.

A middle-aged couple in a new relationship reveal

a past secret as they discuss expectations about

their future together.

Director: Larissa Merriman
Producer: Larissa Merriman, Kurtis Bedford
Writer: Larissa Merriman

Animation / Germany / 8 min.

What if a magical treehouse could illustrate our

fantasies and desires? If all objects would have a

soul and even long-distance relationships would be

easy to handle?

Well - we can't give you the recipe for

long-distance relationships, but for the rest

Him&Her finds an answer.

Director: Nathalie Lamb
Producer: Christoph Schumann, Nathalie Lamb
Writer: Nathalie Lamb, Alissa Autschbach
Heart of Paradise

Romance / USA / 29 min.

Two winemaker bachelors collide with a mother-daughter

duo whose surprise arrival at Heart Hill Vineyard reveals

more than they bargained for. A double romance blossoms

in unexpected soil, warming a widower's heart and

changing the course of a young bride's life forever.

Director: Dina Mande
Producer: Dina Mande
Writer: Casey Biggs
Cast: Casey Biggs, Martha Hackett, Allie

Romance / USA / 6 min.

A mummy wakes up in Vegas, sees the pyramid, and thinks he is home.

Director: Barry Strum
Producer: Barry Strum
Writer: Barry Strum

Drama / USA / 11 min.

A struggling sculptor and wig-wearing pianist keep running into each other. When he goes searching for the music that breaks his creative block, he follows her colorful trail and soon discovers that there is more than meets the eye.

Director: J.Y. Chun
Producer: J.Y. Chun, Marcel Simoneau
Writer: J.Y. Chun
My 'Friend' Mick

Drama / USA / 14 min.

1900s, USA. Niall and Mick are two struggling psychiatrists. To make money, Mick devises a plan to befriend people and convince them he is not a real person, a figment of their imagination. Niall then suggests they seek therapy from him for their 'imaginary friend'.

All goes well until Mick "befriends" Fiona, and the two vie for her attention. Their scheme takes a crazy turn as they uncover Fiona's dark side.

Director: Ankiush Jindal
Producer: Surina Jindal
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