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Drama / USA / 26 min.

In 1740s Hudson Valley, New York, Sue, an enslaved woman on the

Philipsburg plantation, attempts to help two runaway slaves under the

nose of a seething overseer, all while trying to keep her daughter

from being sold off the next day.

Director: Daniel Fries
Producer: Jacqueline Simmons, Gabrielle Greig
Writer: Michael Lord, Alrick Brown

Drama / Canada / 16 min.

At the site of a car crash that took the life of someone dear to him

years previous, Jack tries to kill himself. His attempt is foiled when

he wakes on an old asphalt highway. Here, he is visited by three

people who have haunted him for over a decade.

Director: Colin Mercer
Producer: Gina Lomas
Writer: Colin Mercer
Solstice Ranch

Comedy / USA / 16 min.

Solstice Ranch is a coming of age story that takes place over 48

hours. It follows four friends who find themselves committed to a

whimsical yet eye-opening retreat. Set in the late 1990s, this

lighthearted film tests the boundaries of friendships, relationships

and family.

Director: Christianna Carmine
Producer: Alyssa Tabit, Savannah Mills
Writer: Katie Wallace, Savannah Mills
Frailty Closet

Drama / USA / 12 min.

A discontent woman looks outside her marriage for passion and the

chance to be a mother.

Director: Ash McGee
Producer: Ash McGee
Writer: Ash McGee

Experimental / Australia / 5 min.

Fashion editor, Marion enters a photographic studio to direct a shoot. A traumatic event has occurred the night before, the details of which are fragmented and unclear. As Marion processes her experience, she finds herself entering the room again and again, until the memory of her trauma starts to emerge in the body and performance of the model. A stylish and subtle psychological thriller, "Intrusion" examines power, objectification and violence in the fashion world.

Director: Ming-Zhu Hii
Producer: Alexandra Curtis, Nicholas Coghlan
Writer: Ming-Zhu Hii
Magic Alps

Drama / Italy / 15 min.

An Afgani refugee arrives in Italy with his goat and seeks political asylum for both of them.

Director: Andrea Brusa, Marco Scotuzzi
Producer: Andrea Italia
Writer: Andrea Brusa, Giuseppe Isoni, Marco Scotuzzi
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