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Drama / Canada / 16 min.

Set in a surface mine, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power

game with Mother Nature as the sole observer.

Director: Jeremy Comte
Producer: Maria Gracia Turgeon, Evren Boisjoli
Writer: Jeremy Comte

Drama / Mexico / 15 min.

Two teenagers are found death in a northern state in Mexico, in the

crime scene the only thing found is an AR-15. We follow the origin of

the gun until we arrive to the US, where it was bought legally.

Director: Mariana Arriaga, Santiago Arriaga
Producer: Federico Fábregas, Santiago Arriaga
Writer: Guillermo Arriaga, Mariana Arriaga
Cast: Silverio Palacios, Dolores Heredia, Kristyan

Drama / Canada / 11 min.

Fareed tells the story of a young Berber

dressmaker, who is passionate about poetry and

calligraphy. In Montreal where he lives and all

over the world, the news media is dominated by

stories about violence and barbaric acts done

in the name of Islam. In his own sensitive way,

Fareed battles against the fear and ignorance

emphasized by the rise of jihad and terrorism.

Director: Rudy Barichello
Producer: Jeannette Garcia
Writer: Rudy Barichello

Experimental / USA / 7 min.

A short art film that explores the aftermath of trauma. The creatures

represent emotional battle wounds and a struggle to be restored.

Director: John Charter
Producer: Paul Kaiser, John Charter
Writer: Paul Kaiser, John Charter
Little Match Girl

Drama / Sweden / 17 min.

A poor young girl forced to sell matchsticks desperately lights one

match to survive the winter night. She is drawn into a dream world

where the flames of fire give her hope for a better life, while the cold

creeps closer. Based on H.C. Andersen's short story.

Director: Bjorne Larson
Producer: Kim Magnusson, Oliver Oftedal
Writer: Soni Jorgensen, Bjorne Larson
Cast: , ,
The Virgin Deal

Romance / USA / 13 min.

A coming-of-age story following Lucy, a whip-smart young woman who has most of her life figured out, an "adult" by societal standards, except for one tiny little thing: she's still a virgin.

Director: Tom Morris
Producer: Alyssa Overbeck, Jaz Kalkat
Writer: Alyssa Overbeck
Phone Duty

Drama / Russia / 8 min.

A controversial war drama short starring award-winning Russian writer, journalist and political activist, Zakhar Prilepin. Giving rare insight into the Ukrainian conflict through the eyes of a pro-Russian rebel fighter, the film provides a stark illustration of the tragedy of war and how it affects the lives of everybody involved.

Director: Lenar Kamalov
Producer: Lenar Kamalov, Natalia Frolova
Writer: Lenar Kamalov
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