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Love, Lies & Larceny

Drama / USA / 15 min.

Faced with an unconscionable tragedy, Max is forced to

take matters into his own hands in order to save himself and

his family.

Director: TJ Sansone
Producer: Tom Brown
Writer: Joe Donlon
How to Apply For a Sexual Position

Comedy / USA / 5 min.

Reverse Cowgirl. Rusty Trombone. Dirty Sanchez. Go inside the

government office responsible for creating sexual positions as one

woman pitches the position she hopes will take the world by storm.

Director: Thom Harp
Producer: Amanda Timpson, Andrea Reyes
Writer: Alison Becker, Thom Harp
Cast: Alison Becker (PARKS & REC), Justine Bateman (FAMILY TIES)

Drama / USA / 9 min.

When Jewish teen Franny invites her friends over for a

Holocaust-themed game of beer pong, she thinks it's all in

politically incorrect fun. But she's about to discover the line

between reclaiming her legacy and betraying it.

Director: Jessica Kantor
Producer: Selina Ringel
Writer: Stephanie Swirsky
Cast: Sarah Yarkin, Bianca Santos, Cody
Love Language

Drama / USA / 2 min.

A young couple tries to hold onto a new love high.

Director: Sean Cunningham
Martinis at the Smoke House

Comedy / USA / 7 min.

In the new short comedy "Martinis at the Smoke House", the career-embattled actors Barney and Rollin, whose tumultuous time in Tinseltown has worn them to the bone, feel the need to air out their frustrations. During one particular vodka soaked martini session at the legendary Smoke House restaurant, the evening takes a fateful turn when memories mix with magic to produce a destiny for the friends that's truly fit for old time Hollywood.

Director: Joe Toppe
Producer: Joe Toppe, Jake Rice, Jennifer Stewart, Producer Lee Dawson
Writer: Joe Toppe

Drama / USA / 15 min.

A transient thief spends the day pick-pocketing from unsuspecting workers in the urban part of a city. In the evening he takes a restless bus ride home, anxious over the day. He spies another thief trying to steal from a pregnant woman and after a silent showdown, he thwarts the thief. However, he has to decide how far he's willing to go when the thief follows the woman off of the bus and into the night.

Director: Julius Telmer
Producer: Daniel Leighton
Sin Cielo

Drama / USA / 25 min.

In the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, two teenagers pursue young love in a region where violence may be inescapable.

Director: Jianna Maarten
Producer: Daria Suvorova
Writer: Jianna Maarten
A Night In Jail

Drama / USA / 15 min.

Busted for drugs and forced to spend the night in jail, college-

bound Danny believes he has nothing in common with his

cellmate who is a mentally ill, homeless drug addict. As the

hours sink deeper into the night, Danny discovers he is

horribly mistaken.

Director: Amy Williams
Producer: Amy Williams , Heidi Anderson Swan
Writer: Heidi Anderson Swan
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