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Comedy / Belgium / 20 min.

Serge and his four colleagues work for a small business, freshly bought by a large group. As a welcome gift, their new boss invite them to enjoy a day in a thermal center.

Director: François Bierry
Producer: Julie Esparbes
Writer: François Bierry
Cast: Wim Willaert, Jean-Benoit Ugueux, Sophia
At home

Documentary / Greece / 5 min.

The video is about the story of a photographer who has explored the

far corners of the planet.Yet no other place on earth ends up

completely blowing him away, in ways he'd never have expected and

revealing his inner emotions by making him feel warm, intimate,

hospitable and closely connected to it like his old, familiar pillow,


Without a doubt Greece stands alone as the most incredible,

breathtaking places in the world.

Director: Nick Kontostavlakis
Producer: Nick Kontostavlakis
Writer: Nick Kontostavlakis

Drama / USA / 10 min.

Lance is taking his cat to be put down and he wants to talk.

Cornering an old woman, Lance relates a story about a man

who, fearing knowledge of impending death, has planned to

kill himself impulsively. But you shouldn't believe everything

you read in the paper.

Director: Lynda Reiss
Producer: Bev Lawley, Debs Gwinnell
Writer: John Craine
Cast: Kevin Doyle
We Were Three

Drama / Sweden / 10 min.

The true story of three young girls on a parent free trip to

England. They arrive at the airport after a long night of

partying; and a naive joke at the wrong place shatters a


Director: Caroline Ingvarsson
Producer: Caroline Drab
Writer: Caroline Ingvarsson, Gunnar Jarvstad
Cast: Selma Modéer Wiking, Sofie Nilsask, Livia Liedholm
Hollywood Dreams

Documentary / USA / 6 min.

Castillo invites us into his "strange hybrid world," where his unconventional past brings him to distinctive artistic conclusions. The video format and the 3D integration over live action becomes a new canvas, pushing the boundaries of expression never before explored by the artist, creating this dynamic and unique short documentary.

Director: Pedro Pablo Celedon, Matias Rivera
Producer: Pedro Pablo Celedon, Matias Rivera
Writer: Matias Rivera
Cast: Victor Castillo, ,
Seoul City Machine

Experimental / USA / 7 min.

Based around the 20's avante garde cinema genre of the City Symphony, Seoul City Machine is a filmic poem for the urban landscape of tomorrow. The film is a portrait of a city where machines and technology are now the dominant inhabitants of space. Our guide to the city is the disembodied voice of its urban operating system software. Scripted and narrated by an automated chatbot the city machine voices its own creation story and describes how it produces and manages the environments we will soon all occupy.

Director: Liam Young, Alexey Marfin
Acts of Kindness

Drama / United Kingdom / 15 min.

Married couple Jonathan and Amy lose a wedding ring in rural Japan, causing them to miss their bus to the airport. With time ticking away to catch their plane and their marriage on the rocks, all hope seems lost, until they meet a kind stranger.

Director: James Sharpe
Producer: James Boyle
Writer: Tim Slessor
Love Story by PPS

Drama / Portugal / 3 min.

Two strangers, a man and a woman, check in to a romantic hotel. On the way to their rooms they collide and, in a climate of love at first sight, inadvertently switch their room keys. He uses the camera she left in the room to send her a message, inviting her for a drink. Night passes and she only sees the message the next day. She tries to set up a new date for a lunch, at a beautiful window table but ... is it too late?

Director: Nuno Rocha
Producer: Alexandra Couto, Marta Pereira
Writer: Nuno Rocha

Drama / United Kingdom / 16 min.

Facing twilight years of loneliness and isolation, Hilda (Joan Collins) whilst clearing out her deceased husband's belongings, unearths a long-buried secret. The find forces her to confront her past and break free from her solitude with an attempt to live the life that she always denied herself...

Director: Victoria Hollup, Paul Agar
Producer: Hester Ruoff
Writer: Victoria Hollup, Paul Agar
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