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THURSDAY - JULY 26 - 3:15 PM

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I Will Not Write Unless I Am Swaddled In Furs

Comedy / New Zealand / 6 min.

A fussy writer battles his large ego and high expectations to

create a work of art.

Director: Wade Shotter
Producer: Jimena Murray
Writer: Wade Shotter
Cast: Alexis Dubus

Drama / USA / 6 min.

A young woman uncovers a repressed memory over the

course of a doctor's visit in a film that examines the

nuanced grey area of consent.

Director: Jody Margolin Hahn
Producer: Barbara Brace
Writer: Kelsey Cressman, Kelsey Krasnigor
Cast: Mackenzie Mondag, Jordan Wall, Nat Bernstein, Yolanda Snowball
Six Degrees of Illumination

Action/Adventure / USA / 13 min.

Six strangers living in Los Angeles form profound connections as they cross paths unexpectedly.

Director: Cat Commander
Producer: Cat Commander, Liz Dubberley
Writer: Cat Commander
Cast: Liz Dubberley, Azie Erim, Lisa Costanza
Face Off

Drama / USA / 14 min.

Two young competitors battle to overcome insurmountable obstacles and end up going head to head in a fight that changes their lives forever.

Director: Nino Aldi
Producer: Jake Hunter
Writer: Jake Hunter
Cast: Brando Eaton
It Gets Better

Drama / Germany / 21 min.

When single mother Anne finds out her son Ben is a victim of cyberbullying, she fights for her sons rights amidst a tragic event.

Director: Adi Wojaczek
Producer: Patrick Mölleken
Writer: Adi Wojaczek, Alexander von Rappard
Cast: Ursula Strauss, Marlon Heidel, Charles Rettinghaus
Noah, Come Home

Action/Adventure / USA / 14 min.

A mom loses her child at the park; a couple deals with a miscarriage; a nurse on her first day in the job; and a gambler playing with the lives around him. These lives intersect one night as they all try to get home.

Director: John Geronilla
Producer: Alex Martinez, Stephanie Hoston
Writer: John Geronilla
Cast: Steve Suh, Mayuri Bhandari, Stephanie Hoston
Behind Greatness

Drama / USA / 6 min.

An inspiring story about a single father and his son who bond over their mutual love and ambition for the game of basketball. As the competitive tension rises over the game, it leads both the son and father to a breaking point that will force them to come face to face with their true identities.

Director: Garrett Marks
Producer: Jesse Barron
Writer: Garrett Marks, Ahab Nimry, Jesse Barron
Cast: Diosiq Burné, Joshua Johnson

Documentary / USA / 11 min.

Zion is a short documentary about the life of Zion Clark, a young wrestler who was born without legs and grew up in foster care.

Director: Floyd Russ
Producer: Gregory Beauchamp, Carter Collins, Floyd Russ
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