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Frequently Asked Questions 
1.  Will you waive my submission fee?
We do not make any exceptions regarding the entry fee.  We understand that finding all the funds and resources necessary to complete a film is a difficult task, but it would not be fair to waive the fee in some cases and not in others.  This way, the same rules apply to everyone.
2.  Alright, I have to pay the entry fee.  Can I do it with a credit  card?
Yes, after you fill out our online entry form you will see a tab option to pay fee using your credit card.
3.  Do you invite filmmakers to screen their films at the festival?
No.  Many festivals will invite filmmakers to participate and subsequently waive the entry fee.  We feel that this is unfair to filmmakers who must pay the entry fee and are submitting to a festival that has invited 20% or more of the programmed films.  We aim to provide a venue where all filmmakers are treated equally and without bias.
4.  My film has won awards in other festivals and has a celebrity cast so I’m going to submit it without the entry fee. Once you have seen it you will want my film in your festival and I will not have to pay the entry fee, right?
Wrong. Under no circumstances do we view the film until the entry fee has been paid.
5.  How can I improve my chances of being selected?
There are intangible factors that go into the selection process, many of which are out of the filmmaker’s hands.  However, there are a few things you might want to consider:
  • Though it is not a requirement, we prefer films that are Los Angeles premieres. We will factor in previous screenings in the Los Angeles area when determining a film's selection.
7.  I’m not sure which category I should select for my film?
The festival organizers reserve the right to change the category selected by the entrants, if we consider the category chosen by the entrant inaccurate or incorrect. We will move entry into a more suitable category.
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