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The Green Bench

Drama / USA / 14 min.

A mother copes with the onset of her son's schizophrenia.

Director: Jim Likens
Producer: Diane Sherlock, Kellen Mathers
Writer: Diane Sherlock
Cast: Diane Sherlock, Keene McRae, Gale Harold

Drama / USA / 24 min.

Shame chronicles the story of up-and-coming soul singer Lionel Jacobs (Gibson). Married to his background singer Bobbi Ann (Hudson), Jacobs tries to pursue his career dreams while battling drugs and alcohol on one hand and fighting to take care of his wife and children on the on the other.

Director: Paul Hunter
Producer: Denzel Washington, Tyrese Gibson
Writer: Tyrese Gibson
Cast: Tyrese Gibson, Jennifer Hudson
The Understudy

Suspense/Thriller / United Kingdom / 7 min.

The obsession of an understudy with a well known English stage actress. How far will she go to reach her goal?

Director: Morgane Polanski
Producer: Morgane Polanski
Writer: Morgane Polanski, Imogen Sage
Cast: Imogen Sage, Edith Poor
Small Platelet Dining

Horror / USA / 9 min.

A couple on their first Tinder date hit if off, until the girl turns out to be a vampire in search of food for her small infant.

Director: John Putch
Producer: Arthur Sarkissian
Writer: Trey Callaway
Cast: Gia Bay, Scott Rinker
Product Recall

Sci-Fi / USA / 9 min.

The real and imaginary collide with tragic consequences as a prodigal physicist at the Large Hadron Collider works to answer profound questions about our universe. Believing he's unlocked a frightening secret about the origin of matter itself, he suffers a breakdown. Struggling with his own demons in his search for the 'God particle', he returns home to convalesce. Was his breakdown the natural result of a genius but flawed mind?

Director: Ben Smith
Producer: Carl Walters
Writer: Ben Smith
Cast: Hans Longo
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