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Here Now

Drama / USA / 9 min.

A magical reality about a family coping with grief.

Director: Rachel Feldman
Producer: Nancy Rae Stone
Writer: Rachel Feldman
Cast: Amy Brenneman, Hana Hayes, Michael Reilly
Try A Little Tendernsa

Comedy / United Kingdom / 11 min.

Finding love in todays' technology based world is hard and Marion doesn't want her story to start online. She believes in the old fashioned method, and the heady mix of desperation and drastic measures leads her down a tricky path to find love.

Director: Michelle Craig
Producer: John Leeves
Writer: Michelle Craig
Cast: Marion Dunham, Jaya Subramanian, Eric Dean
With Children

Drama / USA / 15 min.

Cecilia is a single mother living in San Francisco in 1974. Recently separated from her baby's father and living in a shelter, Cecilia is determined to provide a future for her newborn. When she attempts to make a home purchase, she quickly discovers the systemic barriers associated with her unmarried status.

Director: Lissette Feliciano
Producer: Shibani Balsaver, Lissette Feliciano
Writer: Lissette Feliciano
Cast: Lissette Feliciano, Gabriel Sloyer, Safiya
Girl Code

Drama / USA / 10 min.

When girls talk, there's what they say, and what they're really saying. The story is about two ex-best friends running into each other at the gym. But what you'll get is a closer look at female friendships and how women communicate, for better or worse.

Director: Casey Gates
Producer: Casey Gates, Cory Reeder
Writer: Casey Gates, Jessica Jacobs
Cast: Jessica Jacobs, Kate Spare, Danielle Woodson
Annabelle Crane

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 21 min.

Annabelle Crane is the story of a novelist who searches for inspiration at a writer's retreat, Blackpoint Manor. As isolation, obsession and anxiety take over, her experiences at Blackpoint may unravel her forever.

Director: Wyatt Lake
Producer: Payne Cowley, Sol Ye
Writer: Daniel Hynes, Jalen Marcus, Wyatt Lake
Cast: Laura Campbell, James Neal, Don Lake

Experimental / USA / 10 min.

The story of a woman who chooses to have an abortion, and the effect it has on her life.

Director: Alice Eve
Producer: Alice Eve, Greg Butler
Writer: Alice Eve
Cast: Alice Eve
Lion in a Box

Documentary / USA / 4 min.

This first person documentary recalls one woman's military training,and the battles she endured to achieve her goals. Through photo montage and animation, she shines a light on the traditional definitions of sacrifice and combat.

Director: Melanie Brown
Producer: Melanie Brown, Amanda Taylor
Writer: Melanie Brown
Fairy Tales Anonymous

Comedy / USA / 7 min.

A weekly fairy tale support group is turned upside down when Alice joins and admits that she is having a hard time adjusting to life on the other side of the rabbit hole. This sparks insecurities within the group, bringing everyone's individual struggles to the surface and triggering a melt down with the groups guiding light, Wendy. Once Wendy has become unhinged, the rest of the group is left wondering if they will ever really be able to make it in the real world.

Director: Jacob Lundgaard Andersen
Producer: Jessica Borden, Anya Profumo
Writer: Jessica Borden, Anya Profumo
Cast: Jessica Borden, Anya Profumo, Brent
The Scrap County Murders

Animation / USA / 8 min.

Every wind-up toy in this sleepy scrapyard community is a suspect in this mixed media murder mystery.

Director: Laura Kightlinger, Garrett Sutton
Producer: Laura Kightlinger, Garrett Sutton
Writer: Laura Kightlinger
Cast: Laraine Newman, Brendon Small, Nicholle Tom
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