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Strings of Hope

Drama / USA / 11 min.

Set just after World War II, Strings of Hope tells the true story of the German puppeteer Walter Oehmichen, who is challenged by his family to overcome his reservations about the American troops in order to survive in times of poverty and destruction.

Director: Eva Merz
Producer: Eva Merz, Aisha Clarke
Writer: Eva Merz
Cast: Heiko Obermoller, Madison Mae, Camille James Harman

Animation / USA / 2 min.

The charming film follows two dogs, Lucy & George, who are separated by snowy circumstance and miss each other greatly. With a nostalgic and stylistic nod towards classic cartoons, it's a story sure to warm the hearts of viewers in the winter season.

Director: Studio AKA London, Marc Craste
Producer: Blacklist New York, Studio AKA London
Writer: Morton Salt
Cast: , ,
Dogs and Tacos

Drama / USA / 16 min.

Alma Pantaleon's after-school shift at a South L.A. taqueria starts auspiciously when regular customer Dona Teresa helps her solve a cell phone issue. Moments later, her ganged-up ex, Nilsen, dumps his kid brother, Jorge, on the sidewalk, then speeds away. Over the course of the evening, as Alma discovers that Jorge is no longer the "sweet little boy" she remembered, she also unearths disturbing truths regarding her younger brother, Junior.

Director: Steve Bachrach
Producer: Ceindy Mata, Carmela Perez
Writer: Steve Bachrach
Cast: Venecia Troncoso, David Gurrola, Laura Patalano

Drama / USA / 23 min.

Jerry, a backwoods recluse, makes an effort to re-connect with his estranged, suburban son by taking him on an ill-fated deer hunting trip.

Director: Loring Weisenberger
Producer: Jacob Moncrief
Writer: Simon Cross
Cast: Dennis Hattem, Philip Pedersen

Drama / USA / 6 min.

Samantha, a hardworking 28 year old nurse, brings home an old homeless man. She feeds him, gives him clean clothes and shelter for the night. She wakes up in the middle of the night to the sound of a broken window, only to find out that her home has been robed by the homeless man.

Director: Thanika Jenjesda
Producer: Ran Li
Writer: Thanika Jenjesda
Cast: John Polce, Shannon McLemore Errisson
American Girl

Drama / USA / 14 min.

American Girl is a film about a young spunky Guatemalan girl who is driven by her late father's dream to become an American. Accompanied by a retired smuggler, the two set out on a dangerous 2,000 mile journey through Mexico to reach the American border. Together they must overcome ruthless drug smugglers, human traffickers, and the harsh desert. But her journey doesn't end there. The ending of the film reveals the sacrifices that immigrants make.

Director: Rebecca Murga
Producer: Karen Kraft, Nic Noviki
Writer: Karen Kraft, Rebecca Murga
Cast: Allegrea Acosta, Patricio Dorren, Patricia Velasquez
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