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Pant Suits

Comedy / USA / 10 min.

Set in 1972, an ambitious female computer programmer finds herself maneuvering the minefield of a man's world. When a bad day gets worse, this young woman decides that things need to change. With her friends in tow, she risks her career for all the women in her office.

Director: Saralyn Armer
Producer: Aaron Critchlow, Mitch Yapko
Writer: Saralyn Armer
Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard, Joshua Malina, Kelly Coffield Park

Suspense/Thriller / Ireland / 19 min.

Gridlock is a thriller set during a traffic jam on a country road. When a little girl goes missing from one of the cars, her father forms a desperate search party to find her, and soon everyone is a suspect.

Director: Ian Hunt Duffy
Producer: Simon Doyle
Writer: Darach McGarrigle

Horror / USA / 13 min.

Drew seems to have it all. A big house. A loving wife. A child on the way. But after he receives a mysterious package, he's drawn into a terrifying game of cat and mouse where he is forced to question his own sanity.

Director: Paul Holtzhausen
Producer: Helen Greene, Lisa Barrett McGuire
Writer: Paul Holtzhausen, Sydney Mitchel
Cast: Ben Feldman, Lauren Miller Rogen, Krzysztof Soszynski, Jean St. James

Animation / United Kingdom / 3 min.

An adaptation of a war poem by Siegfried Sassoon. "Aftermath" was broadcast on every Armistice Day for many years after the war.

Director: Layla Atkinson
Producer: Richard Barnett
Writer: Siegfried Sassoon
Cast: Julian Rhind-Tutt

Comedy / USA / 10 min.

Jaime, a newcomer in a women's anger management program, manipulates her sponsor and friends through the guise of her beloved grandmother's teapot in order to confront her ex about the break up text he recently sent her.

Director: Alexander Gruszynski
Producer: Deborah O'Neill, Adam Fynke
Writer: Kimberly Aboltin
Cast: Kimberly Aboltin, Dan Sanders-Joyce, Shannon Kiely

Drama / USA / 17 min.

Alex, a cynical British electrician, living in Los Angeles drinks excessively and pops anti-depressant pills like candy. After a night of heavy drinking, Alex thinks he sees his best friend Jeff commit a crime. Determined to find the truth, Alex is forced to question both his friendship and his sobriety.

Director: Adam Linzey
Producer: Sam Shaib, Lareina Joelle
Writer: Adam Linzey

Comedy / Australia / 10 min.

Ari is uncomfortable in his own skin. Spurred by a crush on his classmate, he decides to make some changes, including exercising and being more outspoken. But when his plan backfires, he finds his greatest success in simply being himself

Director: Alex Murawski
Producer: Annmaree Bell
Writer: Alex Murawski
Cast: Jaxon Graham-Wilson, Tiarnie Coupland, Alan
Love is a Sting

Drama / Ireland / 18 min.

A children's book writer gains an unexpected houseguest in the form of a hyper-intelligent mosquito named Anabel. Anabel has literally been the fly on the wall throughout history, but has never managed to communicate with a human being. She will attempt to do so now, even if it kills her.

Director: Vincent Gallagher
Producer: Ian Hunt Duffy
Writer: Benjamin Cleary
Cast: Sean T. O'Meallaigh, Ciaran Hinds, Barry Murphy
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