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Remember This Voice

Drama / USA / 8 min.

The true life story of an immigrant journey from Venezuela to Los Angeles with a Hollywood dream that came true.

Director: Jeff Chan
Producer: Andrew Rhymer, Matt Campbell
Writer: Jeff Chan, Hernan de Beky
Cast: Michael Ocampo, Ursula Burton, Hernan de Beky
Hollywood Heritage

Documentary / USA / 7 min.

This short documentary charts both the history of a little barn where Cecil B DeMille shot the first feature film in Hollywood, "The Squaw Man" (1914) as well as the history of Hollywood Heritage- the historic preservation group that galvanized from their mission to save the barn from destruction.

Director: Kevin Jordan
Producer: Kevin Jordan, Richard Adkins
Writer: Richard Adkins
Cast: Fran Offenhauser, Christy McAvoy, Richard Adkins
Yours Sincerely, Lois Weber

Documentary / USA / 6 min.

Executive produced by Elizabeth Banks, "Yours Sincerely, Lois Weber" examines the achievements of the highest paid silent film director at Universal in 1916, a woman by the name of Lois Weber. It is told through the fictionalized character of a young magazine photographer who hopes to impress her.

Director: Svetlana Cvetko
Producer: David Scott Smith
Writer: Lisa DiTrolio, David Scott Smith
Cast: Elizabeth Banks, Anne Brochet, Cristina
Real Artists

Sci-Fi / USA / 15 min.

Against all odds, Sophia Baker just scored her dream interview at the world-famous Semaphore Animation Studios - who'd have thought a fan edit of one of their hit films could land her a shot at a job? But when she meets arch, mysterious executive Anne Palladon, she soon learns all is not as she expects behind the curtain. Every instinct Sophia has ever had about art in filmmaking is about to be challenged.

Director: Cameo Wood
Producer: Ryon Lane, Alexa Fraser-Herron
Writer: Cameo Wood
Cast: Tamlyn Tomita, Tiffany Hines
A Night at the Movies

Action/Adventure / USA / 16 min.

A shy movie fan must overcome his confidence issues when he and his crush, the theater concession stand girl, are pulled into a 1930s adventure film by its fiery heroine.

Director: Erik Carlson
Producer: Lily Marroquin, Robert Stronger
Writer: Erik Carlson
Cast: Kevin Mitchell, Sami Stumman, Krystal O’Connor
The Collection

Documentary / USA / 11 min.

Two friends stumble upon a unique and valuable piece of motion picture history in Omaha, Nebraska.

Director: Adam Roffman
Producer: Adam Roffman
Writer: Adam Roffman
Everyday Performance Artists

Drama / United Kingdom / 15 min.

Starring Shia LaBeouf, James Norton, Gemma Chan and Nathan Stewart-Jarratt, "Everyday Performance Artists" is a vibrant, mischievous and playful British short film from critically acclaimed writer/ director Polly Stenham (Neon Demon) and wunderkind novelist Adam Thirlwell. It is produced by Josh Hyams, Michael Winterbottom's frequent collaborator, for Revolution Films.

Director: Polly Stenham
Producer: Josh Hyams
Writer: Adam Thirlwell
Cast: Gemma Chan, Shia LaBeouf, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
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