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Portrait of a Wind-Up Maker

Animation / Netherlands / 5 min.

Chema is an expat architect from Spain who lives in Amsterdam. He has built up a new life there as a wind-up toy maker. He creates small pieces of art from recycle items.

Director: Dario Perez
Producer: Dario Perez
Writer: Dario Perez
Cast: Miguel Angel Herrero
Lost Face

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 14 min.

In the wild north of the 1850's, a fur trapper, captured by Indians he had helped enslave, must think fast to escape protracted torture and death. Based on the acclaimed short story by Jack London.

Director: Sean Meehan
Producer: Sam McGarry
Writer: Sean Meehan, Jack London
Cast: Martin Dubreuil, Gerald Auger, Morris Birdyellowhead

Comedy / USA / 20 min.

A prank that backfired. A botched apology. A showdown during the cocktail hour. This is the outrageous story of a crime that rocked upstate New York in 1976, a crime so unspeakable, we can only tell it forty years later. This unforgettable black comedy is based on a true story, because nothing is funnier than the truth.

Director: Stephen Buckley
Producer: Stephen Buckley, Michael Stone
Writer: Stephen Buckley
Cast: Michael Stone, John Pirruccello, Holly Kaplan

Horror / United Kingdom / 20 min.

A horrifying thriller set in present day London that exploits the imperfect home life of Eugene; a blood donor by profession whose attempts to keep his sick mother alive isolate him from his work and the outside world.

Director: Conscian Morgan
Producer: Conscian Morgan, Remi Shaham
Writer: Conscian Morgan, Roffem Uzong
Cast: Michael Hanratty, Natalie Oliver, Victoria Broom
The Escort

Comedy / USA / 10 min.

A lonely and restless widow plays host to a much younger man she met on the internet

Director: Jared Hillman
Producer: Nick Echols, Justin Hopper
Writer: Hallon Marks
Cast: Doris Roberts, Nick Echols, Omar Deckard
The Dazzling Darling Sisters

Comedy / USA / 24 min.

'The Dazzling Darling Sisters' is a unique, delightful, and positively strange musical-comedy short film that follows Doris and Dot Darling, a popular 1940's-era stage act at the crossroads of their career as a duo. In an era when the Hollywood starlet is ascending, the sisters have one final chance to prove that the stage is not dead, no matter what the popular opinion is.

Director: Brian Bennett
Producer: Monica Percich
Writer: Brian Bennett, Matthew Broad
Cast: Fred Melamed, David Razowsky, Monica Percich
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