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Experimental / USA / 12 min.

Melanie, a woman with vaginismus, struggles in the most important relationship, the one with herself.

Director: Samantha Shada
Producer: Melissa Rivera, Jonathan Derovan
Writer: Melissa Rivera
Cast: Melissa Rivera, Kenan Heppe, Tinks
Where Branches Break

Drama / USA / 19 min.

An ex-convict concocts a murderous scheme to become an Uber driver in Los Angeles

Director: Sev DeMy
Producer: Sev DeMy
Writer: Sev DeMy
Cast: Ricco Ross, Sinorice Moss

Drama / USA / 30 min.

An idealistic art teacher befriends a troubled teenage boy in her class, but when she is accused of an instance of inappropriate behavior, it becomes unclear who the actual victim really is.

Director: Teria Birlon, Nicholas Casucci
Producer: Teria Birlon, Tekquiree Chenell
Writer: Teria Birlon
Cast: Teria Birlon, Karim Diane, Denise
Megan's Shift

Comedy / USA / 10 min.

'Megan's Shift' is a film adaptation of the haiku: Zeke was a good friend, Zeke did Megan a favor, Zeke's life went to shit.

Director: Zeke Farrow
Producer: Zeke Farrow, April Russell
Writer: Zeke Farrow
Cast: Zeke Farrow, Tess Niedermeyer, Christine
The Faceless Man

Drama / USA / 13 min.

An offbeat fable about a disillusioned man who discovers his face has transformed into a mirror and must venture out into the world to reclaim his identity.

Director: Jeremy Foley
Producer: Sara O'Reilly
Writer: Sara O'Reilly, Jeremy Foley
Cast: William O'Leary
Time Is a Place

Action/Adventure / USA / 8 min.

An existential crisis of memory and dreams.

Director: Tim Nackashi
Producer: Dustin Highbridge, Jefferis Gray
Writer: Tim Nackashi
Cast: Kerry Knuppe, Nick Heyman, Time Winters
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