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The Red Case

Drama / France / 28 min.

Sarah is a young nurse who loves jazz. When a mysterious musician she sees in the street gets admitted in her hospital, she suddenly feels the need to take care of him. But her new patient seems to be more preoccupied by his missing red case than his own health.

Director: Loran Perrin
Producer: Loran Perrin
Writer: Loran Perrin
Cast: Elisabeth Ventura, Bernard Metraux

Comedy / USA / 25 min.

The mostly true story of Peter Fleming, avant-garde legend and one-time bad boy of Cleveland's experimental theatre scene.

Director: Gar Hoover
Producer: Beth Hoover
Writer: Gar Hoover, Beth Hoover
Cast: Brendan Dowling, Christopher Woolsey
Lady M

Drama / United Kingdom / 14 min.

Hell hath no fury like an older woman scorned... An ageing actress summons the spirit of Lady Macbeth in order to win the part in an upcoming production.

Director: Tammy Riley-Smith
Producer: Karen Newman
Writer: Melissa Knatchbull
Cast: Samantha Bond, Eleanor Bron, Ann Mitchell
Beneath the Skin

Drama / USA / 23 min.

Fox is assigned an uncomfortable task in place of the traditional 21st birthday career assignment, making him vulnerable in a world of conformity.

Director: Zakary Hallett
Producer: Zakary Hallett, Jonathan D'Ambrosio
Writer: Zakary Hallett
Cast: Zakary Hallett, Bridget McCloskey
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