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Drama / Canada / 15 min.

A struggling father uses a bedtime story to impart an important life lesson to his son.

Director: Jeff Cassidy
Producer: Jeff Cassidy, Sage Brocklebank
Writer: Jeff Cassidy
Cast: Tom Cavanagh, Christian Michael Cooper, Josh Dallas, Emily Bett
His Lover

Drama / USA / 28 min.

His Lover follows Leonard Moissant. A recluse living in a small town whose quiet life is suddenly upended when a younger woman arrives and knocks on his door. What begins as an innocent seduction soon spirals into something much darker.

Director: John Barr
Producer: Suza Horvat
Writer: Michael McGrale
Cast: Mark Rolston, Ana Coto, Paul
Jessica Clark Racing

Commercial / USA / 5 min.

Jessica Clark, a two-time USAC Ford Focus Champion race car driver from Ventura, California dreams of racing in NASCAR one day. As a confident and driven woman in a male-dominated career field, she is an empowering example of a woman defying the odds and resisting any challenge she encounters on and off the track.

Director: Ellen Houlihan
Producer: Ellen Houlihan
Writer: Ellen Houlihan
Cast: Jessica Clark, Rich Clark, Larry
The Cage

Drama / USA / 15 min.

Written and directed by Ricky Staub, The Cage is an honest picture of redemption in the face of overwhelming darkness. The film utilizes a cast of non-actors from the community of North Philadelphia, bringing raw authenticity to the story of a teenage basketball player's survival on Philly's streets that entangle him with violence, anger, and death.

Director: Ricky Staub
Producer: Dan Walser
Writer: Ricky Staub
Cast: William Lee, Michael Tabon, Iesha
The Hideout

Comedy / USA / 10 min.

Sammy Kaur wishes life was like a Bollywood movie. When an unexpected notice shakes up her mundane world, she's forced to make a life-changing decision. Set against an Indian-American musical, this film is for anybody who's ever had a dream, but been afraid to chase it.

Director: Rippin Sindher
Producer: Gurinder Sindher, Rippin Sindher
Writer: Rippin Sindher, Rick Escamilla
Cast: Rippin Sindher, Greg Standifer, Melody Trice

Drama / USA / 20 min.

A son yearning for his father's approval finds himself torn between two worlds.

Director: Brett Gursky
Producer: Will Simmons, Dan Kaplow
Writer: Tanner Anderson, James Rabb
Cast: Tanner Anderson, Cassie Scerbo, John Heard
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