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Me Problems

Comedy / USA / 21 min.

A young, high-strung woman thinks she has her whole life in order, while her troubled brother's life is spiraling apart. When her relationship fails, and her brother comes to live with her, she realizes she has more in common with him than she would like to admit.

Director: Sarah Tither-Kaplan, Skyler Wakil
Producer: Sarah Tither-Kaplan, Katarina Mihaylovich
Writer: Sarah Tither-Kaplan
Cast: Sarah Tither-Kaplan, Cameron Fife, Drew
The Opposite of People

Drama / USA / 15 min.

A young woman, happily unaware of the consequences of her actions, is romantically pursued by a marathoner while she herself pursues another man.

Director: Andreas Trolf
Producer: Hallie Newton, Doug Avery
Writer: Andreas Trolf, Hallie Newton
Cast: Hallie Newton, William Caldwell, Jane
Locked In

Drama / United Kingdom / 15 min.

Samira and Nazim, asylum seekers in a UK detention centre, are on the fast track system, soon to be deported. With the clock ticking, the memories of their torture and what awaits on their return torment them. Will they be able to gain asylum in time?

Director: Nadira Murray, Pavel Shepan
Producer: Nadira Murray, Chris Robb
Writer: Nadira Murray, Nadira Murray
Cast: Esztella Levko, Uriel Emil, Johnny

Comedy / USA / 13 min.

Where Superbad meets Broad City, 'Boobs' is the story of a 17-year-old girl who has (finally) grown boobs over the summer, and who decides to use those boobs as leverage to join a squad with her best (and only) friend. Of course, they fail miserably.

Director: Kelly Bachman
Producer: Kelly Bachman
Writer: Kelly Bachman
Cast: Rebecca Mitzner, Lily Cohen
Modern Houses

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 18 min.

Following a breakdown, architecture's celebrated young star is finally ready to unveil the model for what will be her greatest design. With the client at the door and her own face staring back at her from the cover of Architectural Digest, she hears a whisper.

Director: Matthew Dixon, Matthew
Producer: Kate Williams, Louise Williams
Writer: Matthew Dixon
Cast: Matthew Dixon, Lili Taylor
Goodnight and Goodbye

Drama / USA / 6 min.

Hours after Kari serves Thomas with divorce papers they find out armed missiles are in route to Los Angeles, and there is no escape. In their final hours, with no way to undo the hurt and pain from hours earlier, they have to decide if they will die alone.

Director: Jason Mac
Producer: Jason Mac, Michael Dausend
Writer: Jason Mac
Cast: Jessica Duffy, Kadyr Gutierrez, David Jahn
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