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Au revoir Balthazar

Animation / Switzerland / 9 min.

A scarecrow, a storm, a broken leg. The resonant sound of a sea shell. Leaving forever.

Director: Rafael Sommerhalder
Producer: Stella Händler, Claudia Frei
Writer: Rafael Sommerhalder
Grand Scheme

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 18 min.

A young couple's morals are put to the test as they are forced to choose between committing a felony or doing the right thing.

Director: E. Dylan Costa
Producer: E. Dylan Costa, Kaity Williams
Writer: E. Dylan Costa
Cast: Mary Fegreus, James Patrick Gallagher, Veronica Loren
Bernie and Rebecca

Romance / USA / 15 min.

After a blind date Bernie and Rebecca imagine a future life together, but it's not the perfect marriage with angelic kids, a big house and white picket fence.

Director: Melissa Kent
Producer: Mary Pat Bentel, Melissa Kent
Writer: John F. Harris
Cast: Brianna Barnes, Kyle Davis

Drama / Taiwan / 15 min.

Childhood abuse casts a long shadow over Emma's life, which imprinted a scar on her eyebrow. Emma lives alone and next door to a single father and his daughter. One day, Emma found the traces of the abuse of the girl by his alcoholic father, and the childhood memories came flooding back to Emma.

Director: Zhi Xian Mah
Producer: Po Yu Lin
Writer: Zhi Xian Mah
Cast: Ambrose Liao, Chris Chu, Mini
Uma Noite

Sci-Fi / USA / 14 min.

One night, a young boy is disturbed from his sleep by a strange light in his small, rural town in Brazil. He soon discovers that he possesses a powerful energy and is confronted by both good and evil.

Director: Paulo De Almada
Producer: Paulo De Almada
Writer: Paulo De Almada
The Forgotten

Drama / Russia / 27 min.

"The Forgotten" based on a true story where main characters are deaf, played by real deaf actors. The protagonist is a director in sign language theater, working on his new play. He has a love affair with his lead actress and intending to divorce his wife.

Director: Alexander Korolev
Producer: Alexander Korolev
Writer: Alexander Korolev, Garik Sukachev
Cast: Yuri Anpilogov, Natalia Khokhlova, Alexandra Borisova

Horror / USA / 27 min.

A woman begins having terrifying visions, leading up to her husband's alien abduction.

Director: Ben Gilbert
Producer: Matthew Renoir, Judith Thompson
Writer: Joseph Graham
Cast: Premstar Santana, Grant Lancaster, Michael J. Sielaff, Florence C.M. Klein
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