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Double Talk

Documentary / USA / 14 min.

Dubbing is more than just a job for actor Joan Pera, the onscreen voice in Spain of Woody Allen, Rowan Atkinson, Jerry Lewis and numerous others: It's an art form.

Director: Jessica Bernstein-Wax
Producer: Jessica Bernstein-Wax
Writer: Jessica Bernstein-Wax
Cast: Joan Pera, Roger Pera, Jordi

Comedy / France / 14 min.

Henry, a Hollywood gorilla man, is hired on a jungle movie to play a scary ape. The problem is that he doesn't feel able to frighten on set the starlet he desires. But he will have to, if he doesn't want to be fired.

Director: Tibo Pinsard
Producer: Tibo Pinsard
Writer: Tibo Pinsard
Cast: Stephane Coulon, Flore Bonaventura, David Coburn
Extra School

Comedy / USA / 13 min.

Lars Connery (Bruce Davison) is actimg teacher for film extras, or rather, "background artistes." He fragile little world is put in danger when his arch film extra enemy, Troy Weaver (Robert Picardo) comes on the scene.

Director: Cary Anderson
Producer: Dave Baxter
Writer: Cary Anderson
Cast: Bruce Davison, Robert Picardo
Over My Dead Body!

Comedy / United Kingdom / 30 min.

Two hack screenwriters are forced to share a cramped, sweaty, studio-lot writers room in 1940s Hollywood. Lacking any talent, creativity or basic common sense, their petty jealousies soon turn to violence as they race for a deadline, stopping at nothing to outdo each other - even if it means murder!

Director: James Carney, James King
Producer: James King, James Carney
Writer: James King, James Carney
Cast: James Carney, Tom Moores, Georgia Clarke-Day

Drama / USA / 10 min.

Soliloquy illustrates the life of an actress as she walks down the red carpet at various stages of her life. The film demonstrates the struggle between balancing public life and personal life, the true bitter sweetness of achievement, and the difficulty of defining success.

Director: Dan Levy Dagerman
Producer: Ivana De Maria, Selina Ringel
Writer: Ivana De Maria, Selina Ringel
Cast: Ivana De Maria, Charles Campos, Joan Roberts

Drama / USA / 5 min.

In 1951, little known Cuban bandleader Desi Arnaz lays the foundation that changes television history. Based on a true story.

Director: Alexander Bedria
Producer: William Barfield
Writer: Alexander Bedria
Cast: Alexander Bedria, Ben Begley
Writer's Block

Comedy / USA / 9 min.

Past her prime and afflicted with a severe case of writer's block, a veteran songwriter finds new inspiration in a bird that takes up residence outside her home.

Director: Troy Miller
Producer: Ben Foster, James Costa
Writer: Carol Leifer
Cast: Jane Lynch, Andy Kindler
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