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The Widow's Last

Drama / United Kingdom / 22 min.

Ireland, 1847. It's the third year of The Great Hunger and Kathryn Healy, a destitute widow, must fight to keep her young son alive during one of the darkest times in history. But is the cost of their survival worth the price of her humanity?

Director: Vanessa Perdriau
Producer: Luke Walton, Jackie Sheppard
Writer: Vanessa Perdriau
Cast: Charlotte Peters, Damien Hasson, Matthew
Black Chicks

Drama / USA / 13 min.

A man and a woman. One white, one black. What could possibly go wrong?

Director: Neil LaBute
Producer: Nicole Leier, Neil LaBute
Writer: Neil LaBute
Cast: Nicole Leier, David Cubitt
Lost Dogs

Drama / USA / 15 min.

Quiet spinster Jeong-Eun's strained relationship with her mother reaches an apex. She strikes a deal with her long absent brother: She will clear his debt to a sadistic gambling den bent on body mutilation, if he takes care of mother. Jeong-Eun then abandons her passive nature and tip toes past her own moral line.

Director: Cullan Bruce
Producer: Chris Lee
Writer: Cullan Bruce, Chris Lee
Cast: Chris Lee, Edward Hong, Linda Yim
Jury Duty

Drama / USA / 19 min.

Set in New York City, 1941. A controversial starlet actress is mysteriously murdered on stage during the dress rehearsal for an upcoming Broadway play. Police investigations reveal dark secrets about the victim and the people around her as you, the audience, tries to figure out "whodunit".

Director: Matheus Ronn
Producer: Shammika Tomar, Larissa Beck
Writer: Mans Reimer, Matheus Ronn
Cast: Nikki Tilmouth, Kassie Johnston, Chris Kohls
Green Parrot

Drama / USA / 14 min.

An ordinary guy experiences an existential crisis after a wild night at an Elks Lodge.

Director: Ali Akbarzadeh
Producer: Jeffrey Horn, Jon Webb
Writer: Ali Akbarzadeh
Cast: Andrew Rogers, Taylor Kowald, Arthur Roberts

Drama / Netherlands / 10 min.

On his way to a foreign mission, Max is getting caught up in a war-game with his neighbor boys. As Max gradually looses his self control, the boys loose their innocence.

Director: Christian van Duuren
Producer: Joram Willink
Writer: Daan Gielis
Cast: Wouter van Oord, Mathijs Bruchman, Vincent Bruchmann
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