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Animation / USA / 6 min.

A corkscrew with a screw loose battles a giant glass bottle to uncork seven magical lightning bugs trapped inside. Corky is Ty Primosch's debut independent short animation. It was animated out of his apartment, over a 6 year period.

Director: Ty Primosch
Producer: K-J Mathieson
Writer: Ty Primosch, K-J Mathieson
Never, Never

Drama / USA / 15 min.

An adult Peter Pan and Wendy struggle to save their relationship. This film poses the question "how would these iconic, child characters handle adulthood?" These realities of aging, and the inevitably of death, are difficult for everyone, so who better to parse it out than our true "forever-boy", Peter Pan.

Director: Daniel Bracey
Producer: Daniel Bracey, Nicholas Dostal
Writer: Daniel Bracey
Cast: Jas Sams, Garret Camilleri, Araceli
Watu Wote (All of Us)

Foreign / Germany / 22 min.

For almost a decade Kenya has been targeted by terrorist attacks of the Al-Shabaab. An atmosphere of anxiety and mistrust between Muslims and Christians is growing. Until in December 2015, muslim bus passengers showed that solidarity can prevail.

Director: Katja Benrath
Producer: Tobias Rosen
Writer: Julia Drache
Cast: Adelyne Wairimu, Abdiwali Farrah, Barkhad

Sci-Fi / USA / 18 min.

When a terrible tragedy rocks Frank and Anna's marriage, Frank seeks out an expensive new technology to buy a memory to lift Anna out of her depression... but the cost is greater than he could have ever imagined.

Director: Deborah Correa, Eva Konstantopoulos
Producer: Bryan Murphy, Michael Tetro
Writer: Eva Konstantopoulos
Cast: Josh Kelly, Essa O'Shea, Jully Lee

Drama / USA / 27 min.

An orphaned teenage boy and his younger sister struggle to stay together after social services tries to split them apart, but an unconventional gift from a stranger might be able to provide him with a new life.

Director: Mia Niebruegge
Producer: Joshua Valle
Writer: Mia Niebruegge, Christopher Greenslate
Cast: Mikelen Walker, Cassidey Fralin
The Above

Experimental / USA / 3 min.

Under the influence of an inter-dimensional race known as The Superiors, four teenage girls believe they have the power to help purify the human race

Director: Anthony Meindl
Producer: Blandco Productions, Saxon Productions
Writer: Brooke Sorenson, Saxon Sharbino, Lolli Sorenson, Brighton Sharbino
Cast: Brighton Sharbino, Lolli Sorenson, Brooke Sorenson, Saxon Sharbino
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