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9.8 m/s²

Drama / USA / 23 min.

Danny (a Russian immigrant, 47) hijacks a taxi cab on a Saturday

night and rushes through Manhattan, in search of his young beautiful


Director: Michael Vaynberg
Producer: Michael Vaynberg, Mario Chioldi
Writer: Michael Vaynberg
Cast: Pasha D. Lychnikoff, Lyanka Gryu, Michael
Two Balloons

Animation / USA / 9 min.

Two adventurous lemurs navigate their dirigibles

halfway around the world to a place where

happenstance and fate threaten to disrupt their


Director: Mark C. Smith
Producer: Mark C. Smith
Writer: Mark C. Smith
The Hangman

Drama / South Africa / 22 min.

THE HANGMAN is a film set in the Gallows, Pretoria, South

Africa in 1989 and tells the story of family secret that

destroyed a son's love for his father and he's journey to

finding out the truth.

Director: Zwelethu Radebe
Producer: Dumisani Mvumvu, Kearen Pennells
Writer: Zwelethu Radebe

Drama / Finland / 5 min.

Feelings of grief bubble up for Mikey as his Mother isn't there to share a

special moment with him. Mikey's father, who knows what's up, has a trick

up his sleeve to help Mikey process his mourning. However, the trick works

better than expected and leads Mikey's father to question if there is more

to it than just pretend.

Director: Vanessa Vandy
Producer: Bertrand Remaut
Writer: Vanessa Vandy
Cast: Finn MacEachern, Francis Mountjoy, Rune

Animation / Germany / 14 min.

Francis, a dreamy film projectionist, crashes into the car of

gangster boss Mascarpone. Francis' dog is taken hostage by

Mascarpone's gang and he is being forced to stand guard at a

robbery. When the coup fails he has to rescue his dog and

conquer the heart of film diva Vivien.

Director: Jonas Riemer
Producer: Johannes Schubert
Writer: Katharina Ruß, Johannes Rothe
Cast: Yannick Fischer, Jörg Moukaddam, Cornelia
The Feast

Drama / United Kingdom / 15 min.

When a wealthy Count invites Hayley, a young, ambitious,

woman from a humble background to a lavish feast, she

decides to turn the invitation into an opportunity. But as

Hayley takes her place at the Count's table, she is

unprepared for what he has in store for the feast.

Director: Gaelle Mourre
Producer: Gaelle Mourre, Michelle Fan
Writer: Gaelle Mourre, L.P. Lee
Cast: Katie Leung, Jonathan Kemp
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