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Suspense/Thriller / USA / 19 min.

"Do you have an appointment?" "I believe I do," she said uncertainly balancing on high heels, seeming frightened. His inescapable eyes are locked on her every move. He already likes his new employee... Ghosts wander in the depths of Emily's eyes; A neo-black thriller shot in Los Angeles.

Director: Jean-Marc Demmer
Producer: Virginie Drouot, Thomas Buchwalder
Writer: Jean-Marc Demmer
Cast: Gwendoline Pere-Lahaille, Johnny Cannizzaro
Jailbird Diner

Animation / USA / 8 min.

In this pulp noir, a psycho and a femme fatale match wits over a deadly secret. Tanya is a beautiful waitress, and Richie just did twenty years in prison. They are alone in the Jaybird Diner, isolated by a thunderstorm. Richie harasses Tanya, but soon realizes she's tougher than she looks. As they get deeper into the night, they discover they have a dark past in common. Perhaps it's not a coincidence they are both here. The more Tanya and Richie learn about each other,

Director: John Borges
Producer: John Borges, Matt Pagourgis
Writer: John Borges, Matt Pagourgis
Cast: Alexia Stetzel, Larry Crandus
Bunny & Clive

Comedy / United Kingdom / 14 min.

News of a new girlfriend disrupts mother-and-son crime duo, Bunny and Clive.

Director: Robert Ford
Producer: John Hollingworth
Writer: Robert Ford
Cast: Gerrard Kearns, Lorraine Ashbourne, Paul
The Last Hurrah

Drama / USA / 17 min.

"The Last Hurrah" is a highly stylized topsy-turvy tale of a duo of bank robbers on their last big score, done in a noir film style.

Director: K. Patrick Tutera
Producer: Eric Morgan, K. Patrick Tutera
Writer: K. Patrick Tutera
Cast: Aleksdandra Vujcic, Michael Bronte, K. Patrick Tutera
Velvet Thompson

Drama / United Kingdom / 12 min.

In 1940's Chicago a mobster decides to eliminate his associates to stop a secret being revealed.

Director: Rob Marni
Producer: Rob Marni, Tim Pascoe
Writer: Rob Marni
Cast: Rob Marni, Rebecca Grant, Jason
Out of Town

Comedy / USA / 10 min.

Patrick, Rafael, and Tammy are each faced with life altering dilemmas and a road trip is the only solution. With backpacks in tow, the three best friends decide to get away to clear their heads and have another one of their memorable camping trips together. A few mishaps take the trio by surprise before they even leave the city and things get dangerous when they mistakenly end up on the turf of a hardcore gang. All they wanted were answers from the open road but getting Out

Director: Leann Lei
Producer: Paris Dylan, Rene Mena
Writer: Paris Dylan
Cast: Paris Dylan, Rene Mena, Leann Lei
Internet Gangsters

Comedy / USA / 6 min.

Two New York hitmen sent to whack an informant hiding out in Los Angeles discover technology is The Mob's real enemy.

Director: Sam Friedlander
Producer: Kristin Campbell-Taylor, Eddie Alfano
Writer: Eddie Alfano
Cast: Eddie Alfano, Rich Grosso, Michael
Wolf of Vengeance

Horror / Japan / 4 min.

A man heads for a heavily guarded fort, intending to take vengeance on witch and someone.

Director: Masakatsu Higuchi
Producer: Masakatsu Higuchi
Writer: Masakatsu Higuchi
Cast: Tsukasa Kadota, Tomoko Hayakawa, Kiyo Matsumoto
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