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La Manzana

Family / Belgium / 28 min.

Danilo, a ten years old introvert boy is on the verge of moving out of Cuba with his young mother. When he gets a green appel, a somewhat rare fruit type in the country, the boy grabs what might be his last chance to impress his classmates. La Manzana (The Apple), is an intimate look into the world of a young teenager and his hopeless attempt to say farewell to everything and everyone he's ever known. His depart cannot go unnoticed. He wants and will be missed!

Director: Henry Disotuar
Producer: Henry Disotuar
Writer: Henry Disotuar
Cast: Alexander Guerrero Machado, Nieves Riovalles, Andrea Doimeadios

Drama / Brazil / 15 min.

After many years without seeing his grandson, Francisco prepares a surprise for him: a trip to see the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Director: Jorge Brivilati
Producer: Paulo Geraissate, Marcos Aquino
Writer: André Castilho
Cast: Ivan de Almeida, Ariclenes Barroso, Bri

Drama / USA / 11 min.

A burnt-out American globetrotter stumbles upon a psychedelic adventure in Kathmandu.

Director: Jacob Kirby
Producer: Ning Zhao
Writer: Henry Drayton, Jacob Kirby
Cast: Adam Cole, Gaurav Mishra

Drama / Spain / 22 min.

In the months before the war in Iraq, Abdel and Umayr, two brothers who are very close, will be forced to separate from each other. Months later, with the war in full swing, they will meet again but neither of them is the same.

Director: Néstor Ruiz Medina
Producer: Fernando Monge
Writer: Juan Luis Cordero, Néstor Ruiz Medina
Cast: Esther Acebo, Son Khoury, Taha El Mahroug
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