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The Language of Ball

Latin / USA / 9 min.

A lonely teenager, new to the city, is forced out of his comfort zone one morning on the basketball court.

Director: Ramon Rodriguez
Producer: Ramon Rodriguez, Karina Silva
Writer: Ramon Rodriguez
Cast: Eshan Bay, Justin Ahedo
The Brownlist

Comedy / USA / 6 min.

"The Brownlist" is a smart, satirical comedy that explores race and what it means to be "diverse" in Hollywood.

Director: Kelly Walker, Ryan Garcia
Producer: Ursula Taherian
Writer: Ursula Taherian
Cast: Kerry O'Malley, Ursula Taherian, Camille Guaty, Christine Garver

Comedy / USA / 13 min.

A comedy about removing the rose-colored glasses from the memory of first love, 'Rekindled' follows successful businesswoman Kate as she purchases an online deal to revitalize her relationship with her high school sweetheart. But as she soon discovers, the 40 discount is there for a reason.

Director: Erin Brown Thomas
Producer: Jane Hollon
Writer: Kelly Vrooman
Cast: Kelly Vrooman, Dylan Riley Snyder, Aaron Schwartz
All Exchanges Final

Comedy / USA / 29 min.

A new mother is given the opportunity to save her dying sister's life via a surreal bureaucracy.

Director: Annabel Oakes
Producer: Bob Compton, Wendy Cohen
Writer: Annabel Oakes
Cast: Aya Cash, Lennon Parham, Thomas Lennon

Drama / USA / 15 min.

When a high school misfit is taken hostage by a classmate with a gun, he must find common ground with the shooter in order to survive the perilous standoff.

Director: Max Sokoloff
Producer: Jane Hollon
Writer: Daisygreen Stenhouse
Cast: Dylan Riley Snyder, Colin Ford
Working On My Short...

Comedy / USA / 15 min.

Struggling to figure out how to find the idea for the greatest most meaningful short film of all time, writer, director, and actor, Will Greenberg, decided to make a short film about that struggle.

Director: Will Greenberg
Producer: Will Greenberg, Peter Monro
Writer: Will Greenberg
Cast: Will Greenberg, Chris Pine, Angela Trimbur
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