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Blood Brothers

Drama / USA / 15 min.

When a young British soldier deserts his battalion in the heat of World War I, he must seek refuge in a nearby barn only to find an unexpected threat.

Director: Max Chernov
Producer: Nicole Falsetti, Max Chernov
Writer: Max Chernov
Cast: Robert Dylan Bare, Cameron Cowperthwaite
All American

Documentary / USA / 9 min.

72 years later, D-Day paratrooper Les Cruise returns to the WWII plane he jumped from this time with 4 generations of family by his side.

Director: Michael Ayjian, Stephen Skeel
Producer: Michael Ayjian, Stephen Skeel
Writer: Michael Ayjian, Stephen Skeel
Cast: Leslie Cruise, Shirley Cruise
Devil Dogs

Action/Adventure / USA / 24 min.

An American photojournalist struggles with his assignment - and his emotions - when he embeds with a team of U.S. Marines during fierce urban combat in the deadliest battle of the Iraq War, the fight for Fallujah in 2004.

Director: Lindsay Holt
Producer: Laura Cross
Writer: Laura Cross
Cast: Michael Worth, Greg Duke, Andres Perez-Molina

Drama / USA / 16 min.

After a domestic violence call goes haywire and someone is shot, Police Officer Mike Banner fights to keep the victim alive, no matter what the cost.

Director: Tanner Cusumano
Producer: Andrew Chennisi, Sean Light
Writer: Adam Barnard
Cast: Christopher Watson, Chad Chambers, Zacerous LaRue Jones
All Quiet on the Homefront

Drama / USA / 25 min.

The true story of an Asian-American US Army soldier returning home after WWI to discover a law has passed that revokes citizenship from all Non-Caucasians and he is to be deported. Even though the war is over, he has to fight once again for the country and the ideals he was willing to give his life for.

Director: Harjus Singh
Producer: Angelo Ford
Writer: Harjus Singh, Ryan Hoskins
Cast: Waris Ahluwalia, Joe Coffey
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