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Munich '72 and Beyond

Documentary / USA / 29 min.

A searing account of the kidnapping and murder of 11 Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists at the Munich Summer Olympics, Munich '72 and Beyond exposes shocking new information about the tragic events, their devastating aftermath and their continued relevance today.

Director: Stephen Crisman
Producer: David Ulich, Steven Ungerleider
Writer: Stephen Crisman

Animation / USA / 8 min.

Dr. Zenglo Chen was four when his parents disappeared into the night, victims of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Through Zenglo's own words and exquisitely crafted hand-drawn and stop-motion animation, Fear considers the tensions between fear and safety; faith and psychology; Chinese and American identity; and acceptance and healing.

Director: Dawn Dreyer, Andrea Love
Producer: Dawn Dreyer, Bebe Smith
Writer: Dawn Dreyer, Andrea Love
Cast: Zenglo Chen
The Last Glimmer

Drama / USA / 18 min.

A moment of friendship emerges from the awkward encounters of a dying recluse and a struggling young woman. A short dramatic film about loneliness and otherness in the California suburbs.

Director: Emily Calhoun
Producer: Emily Calhoun
Writer: Emily Calhoun
Cast: James Morrison Reese, Linsay Rousseau, Rebecca Faiola, Matthew Dunehoo
The Flavor of the Moon

Drama / United Kingdom / 22 min.

Desire is one of the most original and basic instincts of all the animals in the world. It is also the root causing all events. In a little town which the time background is not clear, people follow and yearn for moon because of a legend. The events about the moon even become more and more intensified. Disputing for moon becomes the lingering shadow in the town. Recently, there is a man whose proposal was rejected. He decides to unveil the unsolved legend of the moon and win bac

Director: Yan Zhang, Ruikun Hu
Producer: Weihong Zhao, Yulan Jin
Writer: Na Zhao, Yan Zhang
Cast: Yan Zhang
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