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Star Names Only

Comedy / USA / 7 min.

A short comedy satirizing Hollywood's obsession with casting 'star names' in everything from big budget films to no-budget web videos.

Director: Divya D'Souza
Producer: Erik McDowell, Charlie Corella
Writer: Erik McDowell

Comedy / USA / 6 min.

Tom needs James's help with a weekend project. James accidentally ate 190mg of THC.

Director: James Skinner, Tom Larochelle
Producer: James Skinner, Tom Larochelle
Writer: James Skinner, Tom Larochelle
Cast: James Skinner, Tom Tom Larochelle, Dan C

Drama / Canada / 17 min.

The toymaker's wooden boy is still alive, languishing in a ramshackle basement apartment. The Woodman's patchwork computer takes him online but for every lie he tells, his bramble of nose grows. Trapped in this cage, the Woodman searches for a true connection and a chance to finally be real.

Director: Mike Jackson
Producer: Roz Young, Rory Tucker, Avi Glanzer
Writer: Peter New
Cast: Peter New, Aliza Vellani
Wonder Buffalo

Drama / USA / 19 min.

Ann, an overweight Thai-American teen dreads her impending arranged engagement. She runs away to attend the local cosplay con at her favorite comic book store. Along the way she battles her insecurity and villainous school bullies in preparation for the final battle against her most powerful nemesis - her mother.

Director: Christine T. Berg
Producer: Drew Diamond
Writer: Christine T. Berg, Simon Shterenberg
Cast: Katherine Kampko, Vera Charoenying, Atif Hashwi

Drama / USA / 7 min.

The Overberg is a story of youth and age, life and death, the connection between a man's physical body and the land that made him.

Director: Jacques Naude
Producer: Helena Martel Seward
Writer: Donny Truter, Gavin Williams
Cast: Martin Sohobo, Tyron Sohobo
Big City

Drama / USA / 9 min.

Vijay, a lonely taxi driver who recently moved to Melbourne, picks up a stray drunk, Chris. Vijay's distrust is slowly broken down as Chris befriends him. Over the course of the night, Chris experiences some of Vijay's nightly troubles, and Vijay learns to see the city in a new light.

Director: Jordan Bond, Lachlan Ryan
Producer: Jarrod Theodore
Writer: Jordan Bond
Cast: Gurvinder Atwal, CJ Fortuna
Is Sumiyati Going To Hell?

Drama / USA / 27 min.

Sadeem a 9 year old Saudi girl asks her racist mother if her christian nany is going to hell. The Film answers.

Director: Meshaal Al jaser
Producer: Ibrahim Messisepey, Mohammed Al Dokci
Writer: Meshaal Al jaser, Nowaf Al Shobali
Cast: Sadeem Al Shehari, Citi Baydi, Hind Mohammad
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